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Fantastic and terrible

Lately I’ve been thrashing out posts with my brain distinctly in the back seat, hoping that what results will at least be a little entertaining, but mostly benefiting from some much-needed mindlessness after a busy end to this calendar year.  Cataclysm’s release has afforded a new opportunity for some low brainpower enjoyment, but now that’s … Continue reading

A little more Razzmatazz

I’m very pleased to announce that erstwhile guest–poster Razzmatazz is joining the crew here at Planet of the Hats as a regular author alongside myself.  Razz has always shown a great capacity for opinionated ranting with a modicum of intelligence and I’ve been encouraging him to start blogging for quite a while now, so it’s … Continue reading

Quietly and without fanfare

Last week the one-year mark came and went.  I was excruciatingly aware that I was ignoring it, and not for smug and fashionable reasons either – I’m actually quite “proud” to have been doing this for a year, even with the last month or so being so quiet, and I’d have liked to have posted … Continue reading


Nearly a year ago, I started work on an elemental DPS spreadsheet to fill the gap left in my need for theorycraft-supported knowledge after SEIC stopped development.  A month later I released this on the Elitist Jerks and Wowhead forums as the ZAP! spreadsheet, and ended up basing the vast majority of what I wrote … Continue reading


RSS readers won’t notice much difference, but if you visit the site itself you might be aware that the sidebar has changed a bit.  Gone is the big list of elemental guides and the small lists of links; instead everything relevant is under the “Quick links” heading: Elemental guides is a list of the guides/analysis … Continue reading


Anyone who’s been following Bink’s new column, Pewter’s updates at The ‘mental Shaman or listened to the Raid Warning “Totem Recall” podcast will already know about TotemSpot.  For anyone who doesn’t or hasn’t checked it out yet, consider yourself prodded in the general direction of TotemSpot is a new shaman community site that … Continue reading

Old news

Not old news in the sense of being irrelevant, but in the sense of being fashionably late; here’s some stuff to draw attention to that is not hot off the press but is recent.‘s new elemental shaman columnist is none other than Matt Sampson, aka Binkenstein, so expect to see some great elemental content … Continue reading

My perspective on RealID

On a lighter note before I start the inevitable tale of doom and woe, words I wrote have been inspiring to someone.  Specifically in the sense of inspiring a comic.  I’ll quote Acariel to explain: I do a little comic for my guild recounting our (mis)adventures raiding. I took a little break though, and wanted … Continue reading

Monday around the blogosphere

(That was meant to be a pun on “monkey around” but I’m not really sure it worked.) I’d like to highlight a few things this morning for your general attention and reading pleasure, beginning with some blog links: Binkenstein is back!  Yes, that Binkenstein.  And he’s blogging over at Blogenstein, where you can find, amongst … Continue reading


I LIVE!  Yes, this may come as news to some considering my last blog post was nearly a month ago.  I mean wow, time flies huh?  And without any real elemental news or developments to distract me I’ve spent the time getting to grips with course work.  Which is actually pretty good (for me) because … Continue reading

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