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Elemental stats: Crit

Welcome back to the series on elemental stats.  Following two posts on the subject of spell haste, we now move on to a rather simpler stat – critical strike rating. Critical strike rating is one of two stats on our gear that increase our chance to get a critical strike.  The other is intellect, but … Continue reading

Old news

Not old news in the sense of being irrelevant, but in the sense of being fashionably late; here’s some stuff to draw attention to that is not hot off the press but is recent.‘s new elemental shaman columnist is none other than Matt Sampson, aka Binkenstein, so expect to see some great elemental content … Continue reading

Lava Burst: looking back, looking forward

Despite the somewhat fancy title, what follows is a slightly edited repost of a piece I originally posted in the Cataclysm alpha forums.  I had thought that the forums would be wiped or at least remain invisible after the beta started, but as this was not the case the original post is still there – … Continue reading

My perspective on RealID

On a lighter note before I start the inevitable tale of doom and woe, words I wrote have been inspiring to someone.  Specifically in the sense of inspiring a comic.  I’ll quote Acariel to explain: I do a little comic for my guild recounting our (mis)adventures raiding. I took a little break though, and wanted … Continue reading

Monday around the blogosphere

(That was meant to be a pun on “monkey around” but I’m not really sure it worked.) I’d like to highlight a few things this morning for your general attention and reading pleasure, beginning with some blog links: Binkenstein is back!  Yes, that Binkenstein.  And he’s blogging over at Blogenstein, where you can find, amongst … Continue reading

On Beta, Halion, Podcasts and stuff

The lifting of the Cataclysm testing NDA means that I can post a lot of these utterly sumptuous (and not necessarily related) screenshots at last!  It also means we can talk freely about the developing shape of shaman stuff as it happens, which I intend to stay fully abreast of over the coming months. I’ve … Continue reading

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