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The Very Trying Trial of the Crusader

The other day my esteemed co-tenant Razzmatazz posted about how he dislikes raid trash, generating a variety of comments both here and elsewhere in defense of the humble trash mob and its ilk.  Amongst the many excellent counter-arguments was my own pathetic “me too”, because by and large I’m actually very fond of trash, at … Continue reading

But I don’t WANT to recycle

I’m sick of trash. More specifically, raid trash. Entering that room in Bastion of Twilight right after Halfus and thinking “hurray, we’ll reach the next boss in half an hour” is getting on my nerves. Trash isn’t fun. It’s usually of the “you don’t really have to pay attention” variety, which basically means you’re playing … Continue reading

Finding the words

Any World of Warcraft player who regularly browses the less.. “sophisticated” forums will probably have noticed them: droves of players arguing that everything was so wonderful and fantastic and magical in vanilla, in those first couple of years of play, as everything was uncharted territory and we were all just winging it. I don’t entirely … Continue reading

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