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Glyphs: Lava vs. Flametongue

Since 3.3.3, Glyph of Flame Shock is no longer a contender for our third glyph slot.  So what is?  In my last post I left the question open by just noting that Lava and Flametongue looked about the same sort of value.  This post will ask the question, “which is really better?” – and hopefully … Continue reading

Single Abstract Death Knight

Yes, I finally did it – I’ve rolled a Death Knight.  I wanted to put in an appearance at the “bloggers’ guild” <Single Abstract Noun> on Horde-Argent Dawn-EU and didn’t have any desire to level another alt (or to sit gormlessly reading guild chat on a level 1), especially not on a different server adrift … Continue reading

Flame Shock in 3.3.3

In patch 3.3.3, so sayeth the PTR patch notes, we can look forward to some changes regarding our core Flame Shock spell.  Just to recap what those changes are (I’m sure everyone reading is already well familiar with them but hey!  bullet points!!): Flame Shock’s periodic damage (its “damage over time” component) will now be … Continue reading

Lag, WoW and You

This is part three of the “lag” series.  Part one introduced the concept of lag and what causes it and part two thought about how it affects World of Warcraft.  In this post we’ll zoom in closer and see what we can do about it. To start with, let’s run through the basics of how … Continue reading

Lag and World of Warcraft

In part one we talked about lag as a concept and some of the different sorts of lag we experience.  This post will deal with how lag affects World of Warcraft itself.  Part three will talk about practical ways of dealing with lag. There are two types of lag in World of Warcraft: lag that … Continue reading

Introducing latency

The trouble with being back in academia is that one starts wanting to entitle posts along the lines of “towards an understanding of factors effecting spellcasting delays in World of Warcraft”.  (The contrary problem arises from being out too long, by which time you’re making equally inane titles like “WTS lag LOL!”) Of course this … Continue reading

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