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Binding Raid Marks and World Markers

Raid markers are great.  I’ve been a total mark junkie ever since they were first added to the game.  Patch 4.0 took markers a step further, allowing raid leaders to place persistent, bobbing colourful misty marker things on the environment itself, which is all sorts of awesome. This post deals with key binding both the … Continue reading

Lag, WoW and You

This is part three of the “lag” series.  Part one introduced the concept of lag and what causes it and part two thought about how it affects World of Warcraft.  In this post we’ll zoom in closer and see what we can do about it. To start with, let’s run through the basics of how … Continue reading

Lag and World of Warcraft

In part one we talked about lag as a concept and some of the different sorts of lag we experience.  This post will deal with how lag affects World of Warcraft itself.  Part three will talk about practical ways of dealing with lag. There are two types of lag in World of Warcraft: lag that … Continue reading

Fire DPS totems

The signature totem and 41-point talent of Elemental Shamans is Totem of Wrath, which when dropped uses our fire-school totem slot.  This totem is a powerful combination of buff/debuff which greatly benefits any raid or party; however, we also have a number of fire-school totems which can do direct damage and there are times when … Continue reading


y elo thar My “step back” is over and I can, uh… “step forward”?  again?  I guess?  Hooray.  At any rate, the posts and updates should start flowing at a normal pace again for a while.  I think this blog thing has had more of an effect on me than I’d realised: by the end … Continue reading

Rotface and stuff

Firstly, the stuff: I’m taking a step back from blogging for a few weeks while I focus on a heady combination of important assignment + immanent deadline.  Not a total moratorium, just a step back.  In the meanwhile, Liz of Monstarkin has very kindly agreed to do a couple of “guest posts” here.  This is … Continue reading

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