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There was an interesting post on Healing Way a while back called Why do you heal? in which Llyra explains how someone who started off with no interest in healing became a dedicated primary healer.  I’d like to share the opposite story: how someone with no interest in damage-dealing came to end up filling that … Continue reading

A chain of healing bloggers

So Kae of Dreambound has “tagged” me for “a little healing questionnaire going around the interwebs” (well I was second choice, but we offspecs have to take what we can get after all).  The instructions from the blogger who started it are: Post this questionnaire, with your answers, on your blog. Pick the healing class … Continue reading

Progress blogging

Another week on and I’m finally reaching the end of my list of priority elemental shaman topics to write up.  I’d still like to do a post on set bonuses and either a full post or – more likely – an edit to my existing guide dealing with enchants and gems.  After two weeks of … Continue reading

Elemental: Chain Lightning

Note: this guide was originally written for patch 3.2.  The numbers are now a bit out and it’s missing stuff like the new Fire Nova, but the conclusions remain accurate. Chain Lightning has always been an iconic elemental shaman spell – remember gibbing entire armies with a level 5 Farseer in WC3?  In World of … Continue reading

Elemental: Waiting for Lava Burst

I remember back in the WotLK beta when the shaman community theorycrafters were trying to make sense of this new Lava Burst ability.  At first, it seemed like the spell not only vastly reduced the value of our beloved crit rating, but the amount of damage it did combined with its cooldown and fixed duration … Continue reading

Focus: Dreambound

For today’s focus we’ll take a break from looking at Elemental and instead turn to an excellent blog serving our druidic brothers and sisters: Dreambound. “But Charles,” you say, “your interest is feral druids, and this site is about restoration!” Well, Resto druids have a special place in my heart: a resto druid was my … Continue reading

Elemental: Glyphs

Current to patch 3.3.3. Today we’re taking a look at our range of glyph choices, their “normal” value, and some of the factors that can influence our decision to use them. I won’t cover the reagent removal glyphs, as they’re pretty self-explanatory. Major Glyphs Glyph of Lightning Bolt Increases the damage dealt by Lightning Bolt … Continue reading

Elemental: Talents

Current for patch 3.3.2. Today I’m going to take a closer look at elemental talent selection from the point of view of PvE DPS. If you want a simpler guide and a cookie cutter spec, try my basics guide. Restoration Back in TBC, the default off-spec was restoration. There’s still a talent in this tree … Continue reading


I’m about half way through my post on elemental talents.  I only started on it quite late today because of getting distracted playing around with Bink’s spreadsheet to compare wait vs no wait on Lava Burst rotations (I’ll post my observations some other time).  It should go up either later tonight or some time tomorrow.

Disappearance of the Bear’s excellent druid blogger Allison Robert has just posted a fantastic and detailed piece trying to come to terms with why the game seems to be seeing such a decline in the number of druid tanks.  I agree with pretty much all of her points, except that I’ll chime in with my own opinion on … Continue reading

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