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Nearly a year ago, I started work on an elemental DPS spreadsheet to fill the gap left in my need for theorycraft-supported knowledge after SEIC stopped development.  A month later I released this on the Elitist Jerks and Wowhead forums as the ZAP! spreadsheet, and ended up basing the vast majority of what I wrote … Continue reading

What’s better than math?

It’s Thursday and I feel a hankerin’ to a ranterin’.  There’s a weird thing that happens in a lot of threads on the MMO-Champion and Wowhead forums (I don’t read the official forums much) where the argument goes like this: OP: What’s best, A or B? Poster 1: A is best.  Here is some evidence, … Continue reading

Elemental stats: Intellect, Spirit & MP5

With Cataclysm looming ever larger on the horizon – I’d be surprised if we don’t see it around November/December time – the series on how primary stats work for elemental finally gets around to the less important stats.  Except they’re actually really important, and will get more so when Cataclysm launches.  Wait, what? No, that’s … Continue reading

Elemental stats: Crit

Welcome back to the series on elemental stats.  Following two posts on the subject of spell haste, we now move on to a rather simpler stat – critical strike rating. Critical strike rating is one of two stats on our gear that increase our chance to get a critical strike.  The other is intellect, but … Continue reading

ZAP! v1.2.8

Update: Internet’s fixed!  Tiny update uploaded as 1.2.8a: Elemental Focus Stone now correctly filtered as a 10-man trinket. Small improvement to the backup Haste DEP thing. Full 1.2.8 notes after the jump.

Elemental stats: Haste and spell rotation

This is part two of a series on stats and, by remarkable coincidence, also part two of a post on the haste stat.  How very convenient.  The previous post dealt in some depth with the ins and outs of haste as a stat, particularly the question of whether it was subject to “caps” or potential … Continue reading

Elemental stats: Haste caps and relativity

This is the first post in a series on our primary DPS stats – which are Hit Rating, Spellpower, Haste Rating, Critical Strike Rating and Intellect.  Yes, they’re all yellow stats except Spellpower.  No, I’m not dealing with them in that order.  Yes, Zing already talked about all this in a much more concise post.  … Continue reading

Pity the fool

This is not an “April Fools” post, OK?  No, seriously, it isn’t.  Yes I know it’s April 1st, but this is just a normal post.  OK?  OK.  Good.  (But have you checked out Blizzard’s new EPEEN feature or the exciting new mobile games from Also, I apologise in advance for all the pingback spam … Continue reading

Glyphs: Lava vs. Flametongue

Since 3.3.3, Glyph of Flame Shock is no longer a contender for our third glyph slot.  So what is?  In my last post I left the question open by just noting that Lava and Flametongue looked about the same sort of value.  This post will ask the question, “which is really better?” – and hopefully … Continue reading

Flame Shock in 3.3.3

In patch 3.3.3, so sayeth the PTR patch notes, we can look forward to some changes regarding our core Flame Shock spell.  Just to recap what those changes are (I’m sure everyone reading is already well familiar with them but hey!  bullet points!!): Flame Shock’s periodic damage (its “damage over time” component) will now be … Continue reading

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