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Fantastic and terrible

Lately I’ve been thrashing out posts with my brain distinctly in the back seat, hoping that what results will at least be a little entertaining, but mostly benefiting from some much-needed mindlessness after a busy end to this calendar year.  Cataclysm’s release has afforded a new opportunity for some low brainpower enjoyment, but now that’s … Continue reading

Cataclysm, eh

Today I got into the Christmas spirit by hunting down a slippery zero-deaths frost mage in Battle for Gilneas, finally putting them to a gasping end in the back corner of the Waterworks while snugly encased in their own spellstolen Ice Barrier.  And a happy new year to you too. Cataclysm!  Great, isn’t it?  I … Continue reading

A stranger in my own land – Part 1

One day, when I am 130 years old thanks to amazing revolutions in medicine, I will tell my imaginary great grandson the story of Loch Modan. I will tell him how the brave night elf hunter Razzmatazz once saved the lake from attacks of the dark iron dwarves along with the foul-mouthed dwarven paladin sir … Continue reading

Ambling through the Shattering

It’s no secret that I’ve been somewhat ambivalent about the launch of Cataclysm, despite being of the opinion that it’s a fantastic blend of lovingly-crafted new content, intelligently balanced game mechanic changes and retro-chic cool.  I was there, though, at 11pm GMT on Monday evening, ready to welcome in release with some guildies and friends, … Continue reading

Quick Cataclysm elemental primer

Heads up anyone looking for Cataclysm elemental content – I’ve posted a “quick primer” over at, consisting of some answers to frequently asked questions (which I can’t take credit for), some brief non-spoilery notes on what to expect from the new content both initially and at level 85, and some tips on the whole … Continue reading

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