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Raiding fatigue

Sometimes I wonder if there’s a point to it all. There’s a certain drudgery to it that inevitably sets in after a while, that you can’t just escape. Week after week, visiting the same places. Going through the same movements. Surrounded by the same group of friends. When this kind of routine sets in you … Continue reading

I’m not here

When I was but a wee lad, I occasionally watched some of those terrible afternoon children soaps, the kind I now instantly zap away from if I’m greeted with them when turning on the television. On one such lazy television-dominated afternoon, which my memory has mostly obscured, I remember watching a show/episode where the lead … Continue reading

Fighting the good fight

A couple weeks ago I talked about my dislike for trash, and the strong phrasing of that post along with a call to arms to all trash-loving readers prompted some reaction here and there. Which was great! I’d like to elaborate a bit on the subject now by moving off into a related tangent. Instead … Continue reading

But I don’t WANT to recycle

I’m sick of trash. More specifically, raid trash. Entering that room in Bastion of Twilight right after Halfus and thinking “hurray, we’ll reach the next boss in half an hour” is getting on my nerves. Trash isn’t fun. It’s usually of the “you don’t really have to pay attention” variety, which basically means you’re playing … Continue reading

Finding the words

Any World of Warcraft player who regularly browses the less.. “sophisticated” forums will probably have noticed them: droves of players arguing that everything was so wonderful and fantastic and magical in vanilla, in those first couple of years of play, as everything was uncharted territory and we were all just winging it. I don’t entirely … Continue reading

Worst. Dungeon. Ever.

I really love Blackrock Depths. It’s genuinely one of my favourite places in WoW. It is the epitome of a school of dungeon and game design which vanilla WoW itself was the culmination of in the broader spectrum of MMOs. I bet you loved it too, even though these days you look down upon it. … Continue reading

A stranger in my own land – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my questing experiences post-Shattering, particularly about how WoW’s excellent sense of place and world-building really enhances the experience for me. In this followup-post I’d like to explore the concept of sense of place within games a bit further, and take a look at why exactly it’s so … Continue reading

A stranger in my own land – Part 1

One day, when I am 130 years old thanks to amazing revolutions in medicine, I will tell my imaginary great grandson the story of Loch Modan. I will tell him how the brave night elf hunter Razzmatazz once saved the lake from attacks of the dark iron dwarves along with the foul-mouthed dwarven paladin sir … Continue reading

6 years

I think too much. I’ve figured this out by thinking a lot about it. It’s a personal characteristic which might be more commendable than thinking too little, but my inclusion of the word “too” already implies I don’t always consider it a positive thing. There’s something to be said about ignorance being bliss. I often … Continue reading

Guilty pleasures

Something has been bothering me lately. Well, as is usually the case, lots of things have been bothering me, it’s just that this one thing was worth writing a post about. It was sparked in part by a presentation/lecture I watched by Jonathan Blow called “Video Games and the Human Condition”, in which he discusses … Continue reading

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