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ZAP! v1.2.8

Update: Internet’s fixed!  Tiny update uploaded as 1.2.8a: Elemental Focus Stone now correctly filtered as a 10-man trinket. Small improvement to the backup Haste DEP thing. Full 1.2.8 notes after the jump. Advertisements

Embrace the Flame

I don’t often want to blog about WoW holidays because, by and large, I don’t really enjoy them that much and usually avoid them.  Before you yell “Scrooge!” (or some twisted, fiery phantom thereof), consider that the vast majority of WoW holidays are actually pretty punishing affairs if you’re already busy doing “normal” in-game things, … Continue reading

Elemental shaman preview review 2

I was all set to make excuses about why I wasn’t going to post about the latest elemental Shaman Cataclysm talent preview, but it somehow ended up being simpler just to post about it.  I’m not really sure how that works, but OK.  This isn’t going to be super in-depth or amazing, just some impressions … Continue reading

The story corner

Only one event in WoW has ever come close to inspiring me to write what might be considered fan fiction (or RP), and even then what I felt I had to try was to dramatically convey an actual “scene” from the game in story form.  That is, it’s a fairly accurate description of something that … Continue reading

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