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4.1 Elemental AoE: Complicated and ineffective

It seems a pity to break my blog-fast by gorging on a large lump of sugary complaining, but – well, there is no but; it’s a pity, to be sure.  Especially as patch 4.1 has continued the trend of making important, timely and welcome quality of life changes to a game which otherwise should really … Continue reading

Cataclysm, eh

Today I got into the Christmas spirit by hunting down a slippery zero-deaths frost mage in Battle for Gilneas, finally putting them to a gasping end in the back corner of the Waterworks while snugly encased in their own spellstolen Ice Barrier.  And a happy new year to you too. Cataclysm!  Great, isn’t it?  I … Continue reading

Quick Cataclysm elemental primer

Heads up anyone looking for Cataclysm elemental content – I’ve posted a “quick primer” over at, consisting of some answers to frequently asked questions (which I can’t take credit for), some brief non-spoilery notes on what to expect from the new content both initially and at level 85, and some tips on the whole … Continue reading

UI soup

The opportunity to build a new UI from scratch is a rare thing when your next raid is never far away and performance is so important.  I tried a few times over the course of Wrath, but always ended up just restoring my backup in time for the next raid without making any real progress. … Continue reading


Nearly a year ago, I started work on an elemental DPS spreadsheet to fill the gap left in my need for theorycraft-supported knowledge after SEIC stopped development.  A month later I released this on the Elitist Jerks and Wowhead forums as the ZAP! spreadsheet, and ended up basing the vast majority of what I wrote … Continue reading

Musings from the Cataclysm beta

There was a moment today when I had a sudden and wonderful realisation that I was the victim of what is either a brilliant practical joke or something merely amusing but unintended.  I was sitting after lunch intently reading The Times‘ science magazine, Eureka, which had an excerpt from the new Stephen Hawking book that caught … Continue reading

Elemental stats: Intellect, Spirit & MP5

With Cataclysm looming ever larger on the horizon – I’d be surprised if we don’t see it around November/December time – the series on how primary stats work for elemental finally gets around to the less important stats.  Except they’re actually really important, and will get more so when Cataclysm launches.  Wait, what? No, that’s … Continue reading

Playing elemental on beta; also, quests

I’ve not played beta nearly so much as I’d like, and I do (shock! horreur!) have other interests besides elemental shamans.  Still, over the weekend I spent a few more hours in Vashj’ir, making it about 30% of the way through level 82-83 through a series of very creative and fun quests centring around the … Continue reading

Elemental stats: Crit

Welcome back to the series on elemental stats.  Following two posts on the subject of spell haste, we now move on to a rather simpler stat – critical strike rating. Critical strike rating is one of two stats on our gear that increase our chance to get a critical strike.  The other is intellect, but … Continue reading

Old news

Not old news in the sense of being irrelevant, but in the sense of being fashionably late; here’s some stuff to draw attention to that is not hot off the press but is recent.‘s new elemental shaman columnist is none other than Matt Sampson, aka Binkenstein, so expect to see some great elemental content … Continue reading

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