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Corpsegrinder and Metzen’s worlds

Corpsegrinder and Metzen’s worlds

There was an interesting interview titled “The Hero Factory” on Eurogamer last week with Chris Metzen, otherwise known as the voice of countless Blizzard characters and the grand Loremaster of Blizzard’s fantasy worlds.  It was illuminating stuff.  Chief among its observations is that Metzen’s heroes are unambiguous, uncomplicated, chiselled ‘ideals’ embodied in the form of … Continue reading

This bit tells you who we are

Planet of the Hats is a World of Warcraft blog of opinionated polemic, occasional analysis and intermittent ranting hosted by Zamir and Razzmatazz. Zamir oscillates wildly between shaman, mage and death knight characters while Razz floats tranquilly down the river of eternally playing the same old tatty night elf hunter. We raid together as best of chums in Fancy Hat Club on Shadowsong-EU.

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