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I think too much. I’ve figured this out by thinking a lot about it. It’s a personal characteristic which might be more commendable than thinking too little, but my inclusion of the word “too” already implies I don’t always consider it a positive thing. There’s something to be said about ignorance being bliss. I often … Continue reading

UI soup

The opportunity to build a new UI from scratch is a rare thing when your next raid is never far away and performance is so important.  I tried a few times over the course of Wrath, but always ended up just restoring my backup in time for the next raid without making any real progress. … Continue reading

Guilty pleasures

Something has been bothering me lately. Well, as is usually the case, lots of things have been bothering me, it’s just that this one thing was worth writing a post about. It was sparked in part by a presentation/lecture I watched by Jonathan Blow called “Video Games and the Human Condition”, in which he discusses … Continue reading

A little more Razzmatazz

I’m very pleased to announce that erstwhile guest–poster Razzmatazz is joining the crew here at Planet of the Hats as a regular author alongside myself.  Razz has always shown a great capacity for opinionated ranting with a modicum of intelligence and I’ve been encouraging him to start blogging for quite a while now, so it’s … Continue reading


Change can be weird.  Sometimes you plan for it, prepare for it, see it coming a mile down the road – and other times it blindsides you like an ice cube wedgie at 3 in the morning.  But some residual chilliness aside, most of the time the changes we deal with are not nearly so … Continue reading

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