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Corpsegrinder and Metzen’s worlds

There was an interesting interview titled “The Hero Factory” on Eurogamer last week with Chris Metzen, otherwise known as the voice of countless Blizzard characters and the grand Loremaster of Blizzard’s fantasy worlds.  It was illuminating stuff.  Chief among its observations is that Metzen’s heroes are unambiguous, uncomplicated, chiselled ‘ideals’ embodied in the form of … Continue reading

Blizzard and the changing of plans

Is that even an appropriate title?  “Plans” sounds awfully specific and organised.  Maybe it’s not fair to call what Blizzard puts out through their casual PR engine “plans”.  I’m talking about the stuff disseminated through “blue posts”, panels at BlizzCon, interviews with the sorts of people who do interviews, that sort of thing. I’m increasingly … Continue reading

Tier 11: An Introspective Retrospective

I’ve wanted to do a retrospective on tier 11 before Firelands comes out, but the more I’ve thought about it the more I’ve realised that actually, for me, tier 11 hasn’t been defined so much by Blizzard as by the folks I’ve raided with, and by how we’ve chosen to conduct ourselves through the content.  … Continue reading

I’m not here

When I was but a wee lad, I occasionally watched some of those terrible afternoon children soaps, the kind I now instantly zap away from if I’m greeted with them when turning on the television. On one such lazy television-dominated afternoon, which my memory has mostly obscured, I remember watching a show/episode where the lead … Continue reading

4.1 Elemental AoE: Complicated and ineffective

It seems a pity to break my blog-fast by gorging on a large lump of sugary complaining, but – well, there is no but; it’s a pity, to be sure.  Especially as patch 4.1 has continued the trend of making important, timely and welcome quality of life changes to a game which otherwise should really … Continue reading

Fighting the good fight

A couple weeks ago I talked about my dislike for trash, and the strong phrasing of that post along with a call to arms to all trash-loving readers prompted some reaction here and there. Which was great! I’d like to elaborate a bit on the subject now by moving off into a related tangent. Instead … Continue reading

The Very Trying Trial of the Crusader

The other day my esteemed co-tenant Razzmatazz posted about how he dislikes raid trash, generating a variety of comments both here and elsewhere in defense of the humble trash mob and its ilk.  Amongst the many excellent counter-arguments was my own pathetic “me too”, because by and large I’m actually very fond of trash, at … Continue reading

But I don’t WANT to recycle

I’m sick of trash. More specifically, raid trash. Entering that room in Bastion of Twilight right after Halfus and thinking “hurray, we’ll reach the next boss in half an hour” is getting on my nerves. Trash isn’t fun. It’s usually of the “you don’t really have to pay attention” variety, which basically means you’re playing … Continue reading

Finding the words

Any World of Warcraft player who regularly browses the less.. “sophisticated” forums will probably have noticed them: droves of players arguing that everything was so wonderful and fantastic and magical in vanilla, in those first couple of years of play, as everything was uncharted territory and we were all just winging it. I don’t entirely … Continue reading

In faint praise of Archaeology

In the post-launch rush a lot of folks I knew were putting in serious grind time on Cataclym’s new Archaeology profession, some excited about the oooh new shiny! and others just aiming for the phat lewtz.  In such a context I found nothing to excite me about the whole affair: I was busy enough levelling … Continue reading

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