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Anyone who’s been following Bink’s new column, Pewter’s updates at The ‘mental Shaman or listened to the Raid Warning “Totem Recall” podcast will already know about TotemSpot.  For anyone who doesn’t or hasn’t checked it out yet, consider yourself prodded in the general direction of

TotemSpot is a new shaman community site that a bunch of recognisable shaman faces (so to speak) have been working on in the past while.  It’s still in “beta” – a work in progress – but it’s already basically set up and the main features are in place.  It caters for all three specs, and be it PvE or PvP, levelling or endgame, pretty much anything shaman-related is fair game there.  The main draw at present is an open community discussion forum where you’ll already find a bunch of friendly, helpful and even knowledgeable people talking about shaman stuff.

In addition there is or will be:

  • Blog front-end: will host everything from shaman news to guides and analysis and theorycraft and whatnot.  Some familiar authors will be contributing to the blog from all 3 specs.
  • Wiki: to be filled in as a repository of shaman information that should be especially helpful to theorycrafters, beginner and veteran alike.
  • Directory of other shaman resources on the ‘net – blogs, columns, guides, etc.
  • Guides for new and experienced shamans of any spec contributed by community authors.

Like I said it’s still very much in development and content is at a pretty early stage, but the more folks who go check it out, the faster things will get sorted! (disclaimer: previous statement may not be true)

Most of my own elemental guides have already been exported to the TotemSpot blog, including a slightly updated single page version of the Beginner’s guide.  I could pretend that this is because a big community hub site like TotemSpot is pretty much exactly what the shaman community needs and I’m keen to give folks a reason to go there.  Which is true, though I only just thought of it.  But for me it’s also an opportunity to gradually move this here blog away from its heavy elemental shaman focus and spend more time on the random goofy or interesting stuff which I enjoy writing so much.

So over the next while the majority of my “useful” elemental content will be shipped over to TotemSpot and, along with that site’s (soon to be implemented) shaman resource directory and content submitted by other authors, it should become the best way to find elemental shaman information on the web.  I aim to finish off the “elemental stats” series and will probably continue to write about elemental stuff in general, but where appropriate it will probably be published on TotemSpot instead of Planet of the Hats.  I’ll continue linking to elemental guides here or on TotemSpot for a while yet.  The spreadsheet stuff will remain split between here and the EJ thread.

That’s just me though, so far as I know no other shaman bloggers plan on retiring their own blogs or changing their focus, so there won’t be any sort of big TotemSpot monopoly.  Paper money and plastic houses are totally optional.  Can I be the shoe?  Or wait, maybe the Top Hat.



One thought on “TotemSpot

  1. Def shoe

    Posted by Zuzum | August 9, 2010, 12:18 am

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