Time has moved on and all the guides I used to have up here are defunct.  TotemSpot is now the go-to source for shaman goodies and you should definitely head over there if you want, well, shaman goodies.  Many goodies of both similar and other varieties can be discovered dangling temptingly from the limbs of the blogroll.

A while back I wrote some guides to how latency affects WoW ages ago, which are surprisingly still pretty accurate.  Here they are:

Introducing Latency (part 1)

Lag and World of Warcraft (part 2)

Lag, WoW and You (part 3)

There’s also this creatively-titled guide to keybinding raid marks and world markers:

Binding Raid Marks and World Markers

Plus I wrote a couple of posts on using power auras, which are hideously out of date but some folk still seem to enjoy them:

UI soup (Elemental power auras)

Power auras classic (Really old resto power auras)



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