RSS readers won’t notice much difference, but if you visit the site itself you might be aware that the sidebar has changed a bit.  Gone is the big list of elemental guides and the small lists of links; instead everything relevant is under the “Quick links” heading:

Elemental guides is a list of the guides/analysis posts I’ve published here over the last year.

Blogroll is, at long last, a complete list of the WoW-related blogs I follow, as well as some links to helpful resources.  I say “complete” but I’ve already noticed some I missed, so bleh.  Give it a few weeks and it should be up to date!

I’ve also put up a page featuring brief RPish backgrounds/profiles of my main characters, which is something I’ve wanted to do for ages and especially since levelling my DK through Single Abstract Noun (more on her fate soon, hopefully).  My horde toons are presently missing but not forgotten.

I want to figure out if there’s some way to organise older posts that are just sort of rambly but which I quite liked, but at present only the “origins” posts are linked from the sidebar.  Longer term I’m looking out for a wider theme, as I do feel the narrowness of the current theme makes both reading and writing a bit awkward, as well as something that’d be a bit neater while still maintaining the emphasis on colours and pictures that are important to me.  (I realise excessive use of large images and obnoxious colours is a problem for some people so I’ll try to avoid that.)

There’s now a link to TotemSpot at the top of the sidebar (it’d be great to have a little button to go with it, hint hint) – do check it out if you’re looking for shaman stuphz.  Those guides of mine which were duplicated to TotemSpot are also linked from the Elemental guides page because I’m more likely to keep the TotemSpot ones up to date than the PotH ones.

Still more to be done but that’s all so far.



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