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Druid vs. Shaman

Today’s post is brought to you by Liz of Monstarkin who does, in fact, like her shaman very much.  Honest. I see I got a fancy introduction so some of you may expect a fancy post on shaman healing or the like. You will be greatly disappointed! I am here to pollute C’s blog and … Continue reading

Stuff to enjoy about 3.3

Winter has taken on visible form and is sitting outside my window staring at me.  The guise it has taken is of a thick blanket of sleepy-eyed mist which is laying over the whole area, and even near distance is fading quickly into impenetrable whiteness.  It’s definitely weather for staying inside and finding something warm … Continue reading

Why I didn’t DPS

Last night my 10-man-only guild, the Fancy Hat Club, finally killed Anub’arak in Trial of the Grand Crusader and Algalon in Ulduar (grats on being months behind!).  It was precisely encounters like these for which I have been so careful to always keep my dear elemental shaman so close to the bleeding edge of her … Continue reading


There was an interesting post on Healing Way a while back called Why do you heal? in which Llyra explains how someone who started off with no interest in healing became a dedicated primary healer.  I’d like to share the opposite story: how someone with no interest in damage-dealing came to end up filling that … Continue reading

Focus: Dreambound

For today’s focus we’ll take a break from looking at Elemental and instead turn to an excellent blog serving our druidic brothers and sisters: Dreambound. “But Charles,” you say, “your interest is feral druids, and this site is about restoration!” Well, Resto druids have a special place in my heart: a resto druid was my … Continue reading

Disappearance of the Bear’s excellent druid blogger Allison Robert has just posted a fantastic and detailed piece trying to come to terms with why the game seems to be seeing such a decline in the number of druid tanks.  I agree with pretty much all of her points, except that I’ll chime in with my own opinion on … Continue reading

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