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Binding Raid Marks and World Markers

Raid markers are great.  I’ve been a total mark junkie ever since they were first added to the game.  Patch 4.0 took markers a step further, allowing raid leaders to place persistent, bobbing colourful misty marker things on the environment itself, which is all sorts of awesome. This post deals with key binding both the … Continue reading

UI soup

The opportunity to build a new UI from scratch is a rare thing when your next raid is never far away and performance is so important.  I tried a few times over the course of Wrath, but always ended up just restoring my backup in time for the next raid without making any real progress. … Continue reading

Musings from the Cataclysm beta

There was a moment today when I had a sudden and wonderful realisation that I was the victim of what is either a brilliant practical joke or something merely amusing but unintended.  I was sitting after lunch intently reading The Times‘ science magazine, Eureka, which had an excerpt from the new Stephen Hawking book that caught … Continue reading

Lag, WoW and You

This is part three of the “lag” series.  Part one introduced the concept of lag and what causes it and part two thought about how it affects World of Warcraft.  In this post we’ll zoom in closer and see what we can do about it. To start with, let’s run through the basics of how … Continue reading

A chain of healing bloggers

So Kae of Dreambound has “tagged” me for “a little healing questionnaire going around the interwebs” (well I was second choice, but we offspecs have to take what we can get after all).  The instructions from the blogger who started it are: Post this questionnaire, with your answers, on your blog. Pick the healing class … Continue reading

Focus: Power Auras Classic

Update: You can see my elemental power auras for 4.0.x in this here post, complete with video!! Power Auras Classic is a sort of a sandbox mod that doesn’t actually do anything when you first load it.  Instead, it gives you a tool to essentially create your own interface aid. What it does is allow … Continue reading

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