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Nearly a year ago, I started work on an elemental DPS spreadsheet to fill the gap left in my need for theorycraft-supported knowledge after SEIC stopped development.  A month later I released this on the Elitist Jerks and Wowhead forums as the ZAP! spreadsheet, and ended up basing the vast majority of what I wrote … Continue reading

Musings from the Cataclysm beta

There was a moment today when I had a sudden and wonderful realisation that I was the victim of what is either a brilliant practical joke or something merely amusing but unintended.  I was sitting after lunch intently reading The Times‘ science magazine, Eureka, which had an excerpt from the new Stephen Hawking book that caught … Continue reading

Late to the party: Earthsea, Le Guin, Gender (2)

Last time on Planet of the Hats I plunged languidly into the children’s fantasy world of Narnia, and encountered there what seemed to me a diverse range of plausible, well-developed and sympathetic characters male and female.  I noted how the world of Narnia itself was, like the world of wartime Britain and the medieval culture … Continue reading

Late to the party: Narnia, Lewis, Gender (1)

A little while back the WoW blogosphere exploded into a sort of mushroom cloud of discussions around questions of gender, the real world and the Warcraft world, a discussion bookended by pewter’s original post and Tamarind’s oh no, not again.  Like a Tellar-Ulam hydrogen bomb, the big initial blast served as ignition for a monstrous … Continue reading

What’s better than math?

It’s Thursday and I feel a hankerin’ to a ranterin’.  There’s a weird thing that happens in a lot of threads on the MMO-Champion and Wowhead forums (I don’t read the official forums much) where the argument goes like this: OP: What’s best, A or B? Poster 1: A is best.  Here is some evidence, … Continue reading

Elemental stats: Intellect, Spirit & MP5

With Cataclysm looming ever larger on the horizon – I’d be surprised if we don’t see it around November/December time – the series on how primary stats work for elemental finally gets around to the less important stats.  Except they’re actually really important, and will get more so when Cataclysm launches.  Wait, what? No, that’s … Continue reading


RSS readers won’t notice much difference, but if you visit the site itself you might be aware that the sidebar has changed a bit.  Gone is the big list of elemental guides and the small lists of links; instead everything relevant is under the “Quick links” heading: Elemental guides is a list of the guides/analysis … Continue reading

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