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Elemental: Buffs & Debuffs

Current for patch 3.3. A very nice man came over today and replaced my cable modem, so I’m free to have a look at Wyndfury’s question/suggestion: Would you be able to list out the complementary(sp) spells that Elemental Shamans should look for in a raid/group? For example, I know that the warlocks need to be … Continue reading

Focus: Beyond the Tree

Hello! This message has been beamed across the vast expanses of the Interwebs by the mysterious art of email; this being the arcane and esoteric mechanism that it is, the post may come out a little wonky. Unfortunately it’s the only way I can post at present due to some problems with my home Internet … Continue reading

Why I didn’t DPS

Last night my 10-man-only guild, the Fancy Hat Club, finally killed Anub’arak in Trial of the Grand Crusader and Algalon in Ulduar (grats on being months behind!).  It was precisely encounters like these for which I have been so careful to always keep my dear elemental shaman so close to the bleeding edge of her … Continue reading

The original blue juice

In World of Warcraft, mana is a universal magical resource.  It’s the latent energy with which all spellcasters fuel their magical abilities.  Practitioners as diverse and incompatible as Warlocks, Priests and Druids all tap that exact same “pool” of energy.  Mages blatantly violate the laws of the Universe by using tiny quantities of mana to … Continue reading

Elemental 10-man itemisation

Did you know that there are no elemental belts in three tiers of 10-man raids?  No elemental bracers or boots?  Did you know that apart from tier pieces and the obligatory relic, there are absolutely no elemental items available for emblems? Dramatic pause. (this isn’t actually going to be a whine post, bear with me … Continue reading

First impressions on the new EM

First off, if you happened to check the blog over the last couple of hours before this post, you may have seen a phantom post that was there and now isn’t.  This is not a mistake.  I got started very late on the post I had intended to do today and got it published it … Continue reading

Seven stormy mornings

Even though the itemisation team at Blizzard take a lot of flak for producing “suboptimal” items, you’ve got to give them credit for their naming.  The Icecrown loot lists being produced on MMO-Champion have some great examples of this.  The title for this post comes from a pair of Mail SP/hit/crit bracers from the Icecrown … Continue reading

PTR: Elemental Tier 10 set bonuses

I’ve resisted writing about this so far because it seems a bit premature, but now that everyone’s drooling over the fashion I guess I should comment on the function as it presently exists. And yeah, it is a pretty great looking set for the frontiers of Northrend even though the thing that came to mind … Continue reading

ZAP! spreadsheet released

I’ve tinkered, edited and updated and got to the point where I think ZAP! is ready for general consumption. What this probably means is that I’ll immediately start finding glaring errors and blatant omissions, but such is life. ZAP! is an elemental DPS spreadsheet designed to help you make choices about your character’s gear, talent … Continue reading

The Earthly Shamanism

Have you ever wondered about real shamanism?  If you read this blog, chances are “shaman” is a term you come across multiple times every single day, and its meaning is likely pretty solidly confined to the caster/melee hybrid class in World of Warcraft, known for its totems, mail armor and distinctive spells such as Chain … Continue reading

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