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How I one-shotted the tank

Unrelated preamble First up, I should mention that I uploaded another new ZAP! version this week to fix a couple of errors.  It also contained some toggles for updates relating to the patch 3.3.3 PTR notes (hasted flame shocks and the 60% crit damage glyph).  Full explanation is in the EJ thread.  Latest version is … Continue reading

Dungeon binge

This post started out as a simple ramble about playing a new level 80 alt and has grown, mutated and evolved into some kind of Lovecraftian monstrosity, gurgling gently as its coiling tendrils of thought grope outwards into unexplored grottos of damp and squishy randomness — much like this sentence. So anyway, the theme of … Continue reading

Chain of Healers revisited

I’m going to totally mooch off someone else’s effort by quoting from Zigi to explain this post: Jessabelle is revisiting the meme that riveted the healing blog world, and asking past participants to revisit their answers with a few questions, to see how our opinions of our class have changed, both with experience, and with … Continue reading

ZAP! 1.2.3

Another minor new release, version 1.2.3 doesn’t feature any maths changes but does include a couple of new things that folks have requested.  Two features I want to highlight are the new Gem Suggester and Profile thingies, as well as the optimisation which should make the spreadsheet faster and “lighter”.

Fire DPS totems

The signature totem and 41-point talent of Elemental Shamans is Totem of Wrath, which when dropped uses our fire-school totem slot.  This totem is a powerful combination of buff/debuff which greatly benefits any raid or party; however, we also have a number of fire-school totems which can do direct damage and there are times when … Continue reading

A very special episode

This is going to be another of those rambling, slightly selfish posts where I muse on something vaguely personal and historical when I could instead be writing a guide to fire DPS totems or how latency and reaction time affect caster DPS.  Today’s very special episode of Planet of the Hats is about one way … Continue reading

ZAP! 1.2.2

I don’t like spamming the blog with new spreadsheet versions, but once again it’s a minor update that’s quite important.  Version 1.2.2 changes: Item Ranking Links: Wowhead, LootRank and Pawn ranking links have been added to the Calculator tab.  This happened so quickly because I was very kindly invited to copy the “code” out of … Continue reading


I added two new shaman blogs to the blogroll (and to google reader) this week, and would like to share them with y’all. Firstly, Ancestral Knowledge: A freshly-begun restoration shaman blog with a 10-man slant, written by a guildmate of Kae‘s – and featured by her already, which is how it came to my attention.  … Continue reading

ZAP! for patch 3.3.2

I’ve completed the major revision of the ZAP! spreadsheet that I’ve been working on, and it’s now fully up-to-date for patch 3.3.2.  The entire guts of the thing have been rewritten and a lot of new features have been added, some old ones changed, and others have gone altogether (at least for now).  The user … Continue reading

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