Here’s a complete list of all the blogs I read on a regular or semi-regular basis.  Shaman blogs are at the top; the “Other/general” list is basically all the WoW or semi-WoW or sometimes-WoW or people-I-know-through-WoW blogs that I read.  There are so many excellent blogs out there, go check some out if you’re bored!

Shaman resources

TotemSpot – the Shaman Community Website

Elemental Cataclysm FAQ & In-Depth Guide

Shaman Forum @ Elitist Jerks

Shaman Forum @ MMO-Champion

Shaman Forum @ Wowhead

Shaman – Elemental


Lightning Does Strike Twice

The ‘mental Shaman

Puut’n it Down

Shaman Philosophy

Storm, Earth and Fire

Totally Elemental


Shaman – Restoration

Ancestral Knowledge

Blueberry Totem


Life in Group 5

Shields Up! (sadly discontinued)

Totem Forest

Totemic Grace

twenty-five boxes


Aggro Management

Azeroth Apple

The Barrens Chat


The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon

By Muradin’s Beard

Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual


Ecclesiastical Discipline

Flame Shock

The Lazy Sniper

Manalicious (formerly Pugging Pally)

Mana Obscura

Miss Medicina

MMO Melting Pot (aggregate site)

Oh My, Kurenai!

Pew pew lazers!

The Pink Pigtail Inn

Popular Imagination

Ravven’s Glass

Righteous Orbs

Shades of Kae

Sheep the Diamond

So Much WoW, So Little Time

Tahas’s Blog


Troll Racials are Overpowered

World of Failcraft


Some of the webcomics I read regularly.  Links in bold are directly WoW-related.

The Adventures of Dr McNinja

The Battlemasters

Beyond the Tree

Daily Quests

Dark Legacy Comics

Darths and Droids



Out of World

Penny Arcade

Questionable Content

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

The Scout Report

Three Panel Soul

WoW, Eh?





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