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Doing things differently in Ulduar

In yesterday’s post I ambled vaguely around the idea of binary difficulty settings as they were translated from TBC 5-man instances to WotLK raids.  My argument was that, with the way raid instances were staggered in WotLK, what this did was create a situation where you had to do a raid on difficulty level 1 … Continue reading

This doesn’t feel very heroic

Trying to write is getting really seriously annoying at the moment.  Every time I’m pondering over something I’d like to write about I read another interesting, thought-provoking post in the blogosphere or on the forums, or chapter of a book, and get distracted.  It’s particularly annoying with all the elemental shaman developments in the Cataclysm … Continue reading

Playing elemental on beta; also, quests

I’ve not played beta nearly so much as I’d like, and I do (shock! horreur!) have other interests besides elemental shamans.  Still, over the weekend I spent a few more hours in Vashj’ir, making it about 30% of the way through level 82-83 through a series of very creative and fun quests centring around the … Continue reading


Anyone who’s been following Bink’s new column, Pewter’s updates at The ‘mental Shaman or listened to the Raid Warning “Totem Recall” podcast will already know about TotemSpot.  For anyone who doesn’t or hasn’t checked it out yet, consider yourself prodded in the general direction of TotemSpot is a new shaman community site that … Continue reading

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