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From Magmaw to Tol Barad

Hello, and welcome to another exciting episode of Planet of the Hats! We’ve been on involuntary hiatus for a wee while, but we now return to our regularly scheduled broadcasts. Which aren’t regular, or scheduled, or actually broadcasts.  A solid foundation from which to move forward, or indeed go nowhere at all. On the programme … Continue reading

Cataclysm, eh

Today I got into the Christmas spirit by hunting down a slippery zero-deaths frost mage in Battle for Gilneas, finally putting them to a gasping end in the back corner of the Waterworks while snugly encased in their own spellstolen Ice Barrier.  And a happy new year to you too. Cataclysm!  Great, isn’t it?  I … Continue reading

Lag, WoW and You

This is part three of the “lag” series.  Part one introduced the concept of lag and what causes it and part two thought about how it affects World of Warcraft.  In this post we’ll zoom in closer and see what we can do about it. To start with, let’s run through the basics of how … Continue reading

Chain of Healers revisited

I’m going to totally mooch off someone else’s effort by quoting from Zigi to explain this post: Jessabelle is revisiting the meme that riveted the healing blog world, and asking past participants to revisit their answers with a few questions, to see how our opinions of our class have changed, both with experience, and with … Continue reading


I added two new shaman blogs to the blogroll (and to google reader) this week, and would like to share them with y’all. Firstly, Ancestral Knowledge: A freshly-begun restoration shaman blog with a 10-man slant, written by a guildmate of Kae‘s – and featured by her already, which is how it came to my attention.  … Continue reading


y elo thar My “step back” is over and I can, uh… “step forward”?  again?  I guess?  Hooray.  At any rate, the posts and updates should start flowing at a normal pace again for a while.  I think this blog thing has had more of an effect on me than I’d realised: by the end … Continue reading

Rotface and stuff

Firstly, the stuff: I’m taking a step back from blogging for a few weeks while I focus on a heady combination of important assignment + immanent deadline.  Not a total moratorium, just a step back.  In the meanwhile, Liz of Monstarkin has very kindly agreed to do a couple of “guest posts” here.  This is … Continue reading

2009: Tidal Waves and Lightning

The last day of our calendar year is upon us, and for me the last day of the first full year of playing my shaman in a full expansion’s worth of raid content.  This seems an appropriate time to take a glance back at where the year has taken us as elemental and restoration shamans, … Continue reading

Patch 3.3 for Elemental

So it’s official that patch 3.3 is nearly upon us.  A lot of my day has been spent updating various parts of the site to reflect 3.3’s changes, including the Elemental basics guide and Spreadsheet sections.  Some of the other elemental guides have also been updated – you’ll see “Current to patch 3.3” at the … Continue reading

A chain of healing bloggers

So Kae of Dreambound has “tagged” me for “a little healing questionnaire going around the interwebs” (well I was second choice, but we offspecs have to take what we can get after all).  The instructions from the blogger who started it are: Post this questionnaire, with your answers, on your blog. Pick the healing class … Continue reading

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