A little more Razzmatazz

I’m very pleased to announce that erstwhile guestposter Razzmatazz is joining the crew here at Planet of the Hats as a regular author alongside myself.  Razz has always shown a great capacity for opinionated ranting with a modicum of intelligence and I’ve been encouraging him to start blogging for quite a while now, so it’s about time that he finally gave in to my prodding and agreed to come on board.  Whether or not this curtails his penchant for posting several-page-long comments remains to be seen.  Razz brings a more multilingual European perspective along with considerably more in-depth knowledge of the world of video games than me.

The about page is already updated with a bit about us both, but I’ll introduce my new co-author here in a little more depth and explain how this works.


Razz is a Belgian postgrad with a master’s in media studies, a fact he doesn’t seem keen for people to know – perhaps because he’d rather have a real degree in a proper subject?  Which may explain why he’s gone straight into studying a new master’s in philosophy this year.  At any rate, he knows a lot more about some stuff than I do, frequently forcing me to resort to semantic gymnastics to win our various arguments I mean debates.  We’ve been raiding together and trash-talking each other for nearly 5 years, and last year he took the calamitous step of becoming the co-leader, along with myself and another of our friends, of our raid-guild-for-chums, the Fancy Hat Club.

Razz is different enough from me that many of my conversations with him are illuminating and challenging, but similar enough that we always seem to reach a respectful consensus.  He’s capable of being both eloquent and concise, so hopefully this will translate to engaging and readable blog posts 😎

Authorship and content

The theme I’m using for PotH doesn’t actually show who wrote any given post, so we’ve been wondering how to get around that limitation for on-site visitors.  The solution we’re trying at the moment is to use a little cutout of our WoW avatars at the head of any post we write.  So mine shows a blue-tinted Chayah-the-shaman and Razz’s shows a green-dominated bearded night elf hunter:

The head of my shaman, Chayah, denotes that a post was written by me.  In this case, me is Charles.  I also plan to associate my forum-name, “Zamir”, more with the site for various cryptic reasons.

This charming icon indicates that a post was written by my newfound blogging companion, Razzmatazz, who doesn’t have a plethora of aliases to quote.  The green is appropriate because he plays a hunter as his main character.  Clever eh?

I’ve also changed my gravatar to the same image of Beartato that I use on forums and TotemSpot (copyright disaster waiting to happen?), and updated the little “About” blurb on the sidebar to show the gravatars of both myself and Razz so it’s more obvious when we’re commenting.

There are no grand plans for a new posting schedule or shared topics or anything like that – we’ll continue to write about what interests us, as it interests us, and as we have the opportunity.  Ideally you’ll see a post by one or the other of us every week or thereabouts (barring major existential crises).  My focus will remain heavily influenced by my shaman character, but I’ll probably write more from the perspective of my other toons too.  Razz does technically have a level 80 shaman but it’s unlikely he’ll have much to say about it – if you want srs shmn content, go to TotemSpot (which is blossoming wonderfully, by the way!).

Razz is fairly new to blogging so I hope you’ll forgive him if he sucks a bit at first, and conversely not rub it in too hard if he writes better than I do.



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