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Elemental stats: Haste and spell rotation

This is part two of a series on stats and, by remarkable coincidence, also part two of a post on the haste stat.  How very convenient.  The previous post dealt in some depth with the ins and outs of haste as a stat, particularly the question of whether it was subject to “caps” or potential … Continue reading


I LIVE!  Yes, this may come as news to some considering my last blog post was nearly a month ago.  I mean wow, time flies huh?  And without any real elemental news or developments to distract me I’ve spent the time getting to grips with course work.  Which is actually pretty good (for me) because … Continue reading

Being polygons

Guest post! Two simple words that form a beautiful harmony of “I don’t have to do anything” and “here is something interesting to read”. Also, they are the simplest words you are likely to find in the entirety of what follows. Hello world! Seeing as Charles was otherwise occupied/too lazy to provide you with the … Continue reading

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