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2009: Tidal Waves and Lightning

The last day of our calendar year is upon us, and for me the last day of the first full year of playing my shaman in a full expansion’s worth of raid content.  This seems an appropriate time to take a glance back at where the year has taken us as elemental and restoration shamans, … Continue reading

Icecrown: The last suit you’ll ever wear

Update: This is not updated for 3.3.5 and Ruby Sanctum.  Yeah, and I still haven’t done the SimCraft DPS figures. Let’s talk about best-in-slot lists!  Anyone who knows me will know how cynical I can be about these lists, so may be surprised to find me posting about them.  I’d better explain. Best-in-slot lists are … Continue reading

Another ZAP! update

I don’t like to post about each and every update I make to the spreadsheet, especially having posted about updates just a couple of days ago.  However the latest update is quite important to bring to the attention of anyone who’s going to use it. Changes – Version 1.1.5: Trinkets can now be “equipped” using … Continue reading

ZAP! updates

Christmas is over and it’s back to theorycrafting!  Well, not quite.  But I have been continuing to read and post on EJ over the last few days and this has led to some changes to the spreadsheet. Changes (since version 1.1.2) – Version 1.1.4: Reign of the Unliving/Dead trinkets are no longer treated as if … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone!  Hope it’s a great day for us all whether we observe it or not 😉

Snowy sunset

Entirely apropos of nothing, here are some pictures I took at sunset this afternoon just before the old and tired camera I found ran out of batteries.  The snow fell on Sunday and Monday and has frozen into a sort of soft, frosty, crunchy floor that swallows your feet if you try to step in … Continue reading

Black Magic: Stay away from da voodoo

Patch 3.3 changed the Black Magic weapon enchant to a haste proc effect: 35% chance to proc 250 haste rating for 10 seconds, with a 35 second internal cooldown.  When the change first appeared on the PTR and at intervals since as more information has emerged, various Elemental Shaman folks at Elitist Jerks have done … Continue reading

‘Tis the season to be alting

I can’t deny it, I’ve seen it happen too many years in a row now: Christmas is the season when I do stuff.  Random stuff.  The first time I tried blogging – something I’d never had any interest in whatsoever until that point – it was in the Christmas season, and though the blog (it … Continue reading

Updates & Questions

Blogging backlog has built up astonishingly quickly this week because of the sheer number of things to discuss regarding patch 3.3.  Most of these are in the form of questions folk have been asking about things like the new Fire Nova spell, the new Shattered Ice relic, tier 9 and 10 set bonuses, the existence … Continue reading

Stuff to enjoy about 3.3

Winter has taken on visible form and is sitting outside my window staring at me.  The guise it has taken is of a thick blanket of sleepy-eyed mist which is laying over the whole area, and even near distance is fading quickly into impenetrable whiteness.  It’s definitely weather for staying inside and finding something warm … Continue reading

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