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Does your character have a story?

Or perhaps the question should be “do your characters have stories”?  This came up in conversation last night while I was catching up on my latest alt, and on reflection I actually think my answer to the question is one that I would not have expected of myself.  To the copious-amounts-of-explanation-mobile, Batman! RPGs and character … Continue reading

Elemental 3.3.2: Buffs and Bizuri’s

With the translated Korean patch notes for 3.3.2 out, it seems reasonably certain that we know what’s coming for us elemental shamans.  Let’s take a look at the changes to our tier 10 four-piece bonus and our shamanism talent!  I also want to comment very briefly on Bizuri’s Totem of Shattered Ice. Tier 10 4-piece … Continue reading

Oculus: worst best instance ever

If you followed the various info releases relating to planned features for Wrath of the Lich King during its development, you may remember when Oculus was first mentioned and the sorts of things that were said about it. For the first time ever in a dungeon, players would be able to FLY. And not just … Continue reading


y elo thar My “step back” is over and I can, uh… “step forward”?  again?  I guess?  Hooray.  At any rate, the posts and updates should start flowing at a normal pace again for a while.  I think this blog thing has had more of an effect on me than I’d realised: by the end … Continue reading

Shamanism and Me

Today’s guest post is brought to you courtesy of Fred, guildmate of mine and the newly-begun blogger of By Muradin’s Beard (“it’s an unupdated heap atm, but i’m not embarrassed”).  In unrelated news, Fred is also the name of my Tranquil Mechanical Yeti. An elemental – enhancement comparison If you’re reading this Charles has evidently … Continue reading

Elemental 3.3 recap

Have you ever noticed how whenever life gets busier it gets a lot busier all at once?  I am noticing this right now.  I should be back to a more regular (and more interesting) posting schedule by the end of next week, but for now how about some… RERUNS!! I blogged a fair bit about … Continue reading

Druid vs. Shaman

Today’s post is brought to you by Liz of Monstarkin who does, in fact, like her shaman very much.  Honest. I see I got a fancy introduction so some of you may expect a fancy post on shaman healing or the like. You will be greatly disappointed! I am here to pollute C’s blog and … Continue reading

4t10 and Flame Shock

Update, Jan 12th: the bonus has been provisionally changed again.  Eyonix announced the following: The Shaman Tier 10 bonus has been redesigned and will no longer reduces the cooldown of Lava Burst or enables Lava Burst to be guaranteed to critical strike without Flame Shock present. Instead successful Lava Burst casts now increase the duration … Continue reading

Rotface and stuff

Firstly, the stuff: I’m taking a step back from blogging for a few weeks while I focus on a heady combination of important assignment + immanent deadline.  Not a total moratorium, just a step back.  In the meanwhile, Liz of Monstarkin has very kindly agreed to do a couple of “guest posts” here.  This is … Continue reading


I have a confession to make: I’m not really keen on the whole cultural New Year’s Resolutions thing.  I think waiting until New Year’s Day to try and change things that need changing is silly, and I know that resolutions made on the first of January will usually have been guiltily forgotten by the next … Continue reading

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