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A change in paradigm

Do you play World of Warcraft?  If so, why? This is a post which eventually will be about the changes recently announced regarding raiding in Cataclysm.  I want to leave that question hanging over what follows, as I take a sort of lengthy dawdle along the path of why we do what we do in … Continue reading

Elemental stats: Haste caps and relativity

This is the first post in a series on our primary DPS stats – which are Hit Rating, Spellpower, Haste Rating, Critical Strike Rating and Intellect.  Yes, they’re all yellow stats except Spellpower.  No, I’m not dealing with them in that order.  Yes, Zing already talked about all this in a much more concise post.  … Continue reading

TTT updated, other stuff

Over at the Elitist Jerks forums, masanbol has posted a major update to the Elemental Shaman Theorycrafting Think Tank (TTT).  This is sort of a one-stop shop for endgame elemental – a concise and complete collection of most of the most useful things we need to know.  As of yesterday it’s also fully up to … Continue reading

Fighting fire with…

Here is a guest post courtesy of Seb, who is both scarily tall and able to speak Japanese.  And he’s Swedish and stuff.  I uh… look, I don’t know how to introduce him when he does it himself in the next paragraph, OK? Hello! I’m Clavicus and I’m here to talk about fragility. But first, … Continue reading

Elemental shaman preview review

The very first Cataclysm Class Preview is our preview, posted by Nethaera a little earlier today, and already commented upon by pewter (and doubtless soon many others!).  I’m just gonna talk about my thoughts and feelings on the elemental side of what’s been announced, assuming everyone’s already familiar with the details themselves and leaving the … Continue reading

Cathedral Street

I have a love/hate relationship with Cathedral Street. Cathedral Street begins just up the road from Queen Street station and then runs through the city centre’s University district, along towards – no, seriously – Glasgow Cathedral.  (This is presumably why it is called “Cathedral Street”.  I’m just sayin’.)  The street is lined almost exclusively with … Continue reading

Pity the fool

This is not an “April Fools” post, OK?  No, seriously, it isn’t.  Yes I know it’s April 1st, but this is just a normal post.  OK?  OK.  Good.  (But have you checked out Blizzard’s new EPEEN feature or the exciting new mobile games from Also, I apologise in advance for all the pingback spam … Continue reading

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