Snowy sunset

Entirely apropos of nothing, here are some pictures I took at sunset this afternoon just before the old and tired camera I found ran out of batteries.  The snow fell on Sunday and Monday and has frozen into a sort of soft, frosty, crunchy floor that swallows your feet if you try to step in it (protip: don’t try that in slippers).

Looking towards true west: the streetlights have been on for half an hour or so already. The sun is invisible way over behind the houses on the left (south), setting at 3:30 in the afternoon. The snow on that car has been frozen there all week.

The garden on the other side of the house.  West is on the right.

The garden on the other side of the house looking south. West is on the right. The area beyond the fence is the local golf course.

Looking directly at where the sun should be.  It's actually sort of south-west, and the sun has already dipped below the horizon slightly to the left.

Looking directly at where the sun should be, facing south-west: actually the sun has already dipped below the horizon. It's now a fairly brisk minus seven degrees Celsius.

Update: Found two more on the camera’s memory card that I somehow missed!  Excitement!!!

The blob on the left is the thin crescent moon, and you can just barely see a star near it. This is looking south-east over snow-covered trees.

If you look closely you can see the pinprick blobs of a few stars right in the middle of the sky above the trees. The shutter speed was much faster on this and the one above due to having the flash on, so the scene looks darker.

We very rarely get snow in December in this part of the world – this is the first time in at least a decade.  And it doesn’t usually lie long enough and cold enough to get into this odd frozen pristine-ness.  Very pretty, very magical, very very cold!

(Pretence at relevance: Boy it sure would be nice to be able to drop some fire totems about now huh.)

Has anyone else been having a snowy December?  I know the eastern US seaboard and western Europe has been seeing some pretty crazy snow storms.  I wonder if they’ve been able to be enjoyed despite the chaos they’ve caused.



2 thoughts on “Snowy sunset

  1. I normally live along the east coast of the US (a little south of New York City), and it was still surprising how badly the area was affected by the little snow storms (about 3-4 inches in my area). I’m currently in Alaska, and though there’s snow on the ground, we’re having an odd warm spell, around 40F or so, so a lot warmer than the 0F we normally see this time of year.

    Posted by Talius | December 28, 2009, 1:50 am
  2. How pretty! I love the colors in the sky the blueish~pink. We also had a White Christmas and I can’t remember the last time that happened. It was all thanks to record breaking snow on the East Coast the week before. It’s Jan 12 and we still have residual snow from that storm! Marvelous!

    Posted by Snowface | January 12, 2010, 4:47 pm

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