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Another ZAP! update

I don’t like to post about each and every update I make to the spreadsheet, especially having posted about updates just a couple of days ago.  However the latest update is quite important to bring to the attention of anyone who’s going to use it.

Changes – Version 1.1.5:

  • Trinkets can now be “equipped” using the menu below the Item Sets area: selecting a trinket will add its proc and only its proc to the user’s stats/damage. Static bonuses should already be accounted for in the character sheet/armory displays.
  • Slightly changed the way Reign of the Unliving/Dead proc frequency is calculated again. Refer to this discussion on EJ for the reasoning.
  • Swapped the “DEP (hit)” and “DEP (no hit)” labels in the Compare Things Thingy (they were the wrong way around!).

The reason the change is important is because of the new Trinket selection menu.  I’ve already updated the user guide to explain how it works, but let me just spell it out a bit more clearly:

In the past, if you wanted to account for an equipped trinket, you had to manually add its averaged-out stats to your own.  So for example I would have taken the spellpower figure that the armory shows me and then looked up the trinket DEP list for the average spellpower values of Dying Curse and Eye of the Broodmother, my two equipped trinkets, and added them on to my spellpower total.

Now instead of doing that, you can just select which trinkets you have equipped and it will be done automatically.  This works for all the trinkets in the trinket list.  If you’re using a trinket which isn’t in the list, you can select “(None)” and add the values manually as before.

It’s also important to note that static bonuses are not added by the trinket selection menu because they should already be accounted for in your character sheet stats.  So for example the trinket Dying Curse gives 71 hit rating and has a chance to proc 765 spellpower for 10 seconds.  The spellpower proc would be added if you selected the trinket but the hit rating would not.

All types of trinket procs – whether spellpower, haste, crit or even special damage type procs should be properly accounted for.

I hope that’s clear!

Download ZAP!

Download ZAP! compatibility version

If you download the new version you must at least look at the trinket selection menu, because it will be filled in with my own trinkets.  You need to either select your own or select “(None)” before you use it, unless you happen to be using the same trinkets as me!



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