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Patch 3.3 for Elemental

So it’s official that patch 3.3 is nearly upon us.  A lot of my day has been spent updating various parts of the site to reflect 3.3’s changes, including the Elemental basics guide and Spreadsheet sections.  Some of the other elemental guides have also been updated – you’ll see “Current to patch 3.3” at the … Continue reading

Gear pollution: Your comments

Last week’s post on “Gear pollution” drew a lot of interest and generated quite a few lengthy and well considered comments.  Today I’d like to highlight some things that folk have said and add some of my own thoughts.  Note that clicking on a commenter’s name will take you to their comment. Also, I should … Continue reading


See those?  Those are what we call “totem poles”.  You can read more about totem poles over at Wikipedia.  They’re a distinctive idea lodged into the mind of our popular culture. But they have nothing at all to do with totemism!  Totemism and totem poles are about as related as, say, chairs and apples.  Sometimes … Continue reading

Zamir’s Elemental Spreadsheet for Patch 3.3

Firstly.  My previous post, “Gear Pollution“, has generated a lot of interest and several lengthy and well-considered comments.  I’d like to highlight some of the things which commenters have mentioned and respond to some of them myself, but I won’t be able to do that until Monday.  So if you want to have your say … Continue reading

Gear pollution

Gear pollution is a concept that’s only really come into existence within the last several months of WoW’s life, as a result of (r)evolutionary changes in the philosophy behind end-game design.  But just what exactly I mean by “gear pollution” can’t be explained without going into some of the background.  So grab a cup of … Continue reading

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