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Elemental shaman preview review 2

I was all set to make excuses about why I wasn’t going to post about the latest elemental Shaman Cataclysm talent preview, but it somehow ended up being simpler just to post about it.  I’m not really sure how that works, but OK.  This isn’t going to be super in-depth or amazing, just some impressions and thoughts.  I’ve probably missed some stuff out.  I don’t know if some folk might consider what follows spoilers, but if you do be warned that you MIGHT CONSIDER WHAT FOLLOWS SPOILERS.

So anyway.

State of the tree

The first thing I notice is that not much has changed (so far) in the elemental tree itself – at the moment it still has a very similar look and feel to how it is now on Live realms.  A few talents have shifted up in the tree, maybe to make it easier to get down the tree without taking ‘filler’ talents or maybe to make it more accessible to folks hybridising from other specs.  It’s still impossible to move down to essential talents like Shamanism without taking talents which are, in Wrath of the Lich King, situational at best and useless at worst: at least two points are required in either Convection or Elemental Warding to move past tier 2, and 4 more points have to be sunk in these or some combination of Eye of the Storm and Unrelenting Storm to move past tiers 4/5.

Now I happen to like Eye of the Storm, and it’s become a pretty much mandatory talent for raiding in ICC with various fights featuring varying amounts of spell pushback, but it’s the sort of talent that seems to me like it should be “optional” (as it’s of peripheral rather than core benefit to the spec).  I don’t really consider “the only remotely sensible way to move up the tree past some utterly useless talents” to be “optional” 8) But if we do grant that it’s an important talent that we don’t want to skip, that still leaves three points in some form of mana reducing talent or damage taken reduction talent: the latter seems like it should be a flavour choice to fill out the tree rather than mandatory to progress up it – even given what we expect regarding healer mana in Cataclysm – and the former, well, in Wrath of the Lich King mana has almost ceased to be a meaningful resource for elemental.  Maybe we’ll find it more of a concern in the expansion.

(Edit: reading over that this morning made it seem a bit muddled.  What I’m trying to get at is that if you have a choice between a talent which is totally useless OR a talent which is very situational as the only way to move up a tree, it’s not really a choice – you take the one which has even the slighest hope of being useful.  Similarly if you have a choice between a talent that increases damage and a talent that doesn’t, obviously you’re going to need to take the talent that increases damage to remain competitive in a raid environment – again it’s not optional.  I don’t mind non-damage talents being the only way to move up a tree – that makes perfect sense, really!)

The enhancement tree has changed quite a bit with Dual Wield once again within reach of other specs and a bunch of other talents swapping tiers or being removed altogether.  Just barely in reach of an elemental at the moment is the Searing Flames talent which I’ll talk about in a minute.  Seems like enhance is still going to be the default offspec for elemental so it’ll be interesting to see whether the self-only bonus planned for Enhancing Totems is of any use to us.  If we’re forced to take Imp. Ghost Wolf to move up the tree I’d certainly not be complaining, especially with it now usable indoors.

Major talent changes

Totem of Wrath has been replaced by Earthquake as the signature 41-point talent, which as I’ve previously said sounds pretty cool.  I don’t know how they’re going to balance the knockdown and damage and all that jazz but I’m sure they’ll find a way to make the spell work even if that’s not in the form it is now.  We also get a placeholder (“[PH]”) talent converting all our fire totems into suppliers of the new 10% spellpower buff that will replace the present forms of ToW/DP.  This is all familiar from the earlier Preview and is also very welcome.  I do hope, however, that we don’t end up having to “clip” Searing Totem to ensure the spellpower buff stays active 100% of the time – that’d just be annoying.

Elemental Precision, as expected, gets the spirit-to-hit conversion we were promised and keeps its latent hit bonus, while losing the threat reduction – seems threat reduction talents are going bye-bye across the board and being baked into the core mechanics of the game.

Lava Surge

I’ve posted my slightly muddled concerns about the way this might work in practice elsewhere, and I’m not sure to what extent that concern is justified.  I like the idea of the talent – it’s obviously an attempt to make our “rotation” more dynamic and reactive – but I dislike its present design.  Others have already given examples of why it might be problematic – PvP burst being one obvious area – and expressed doubt that it’ll go live in this form, and I tend to agree.  Aside from the obvious burst damage issue and the “dead zone” thing I pondered, there’s also the issue of usefulness.  Reducing Lava Burst’s cooldown using WotLK numbers doesn’t actually increase overall DPS all that much.  This was a major problem with the old incarnation of 4t10 – it’s just not that great for PvE to have a lower cooldown on Lava Burst.  It’s great for burst/PvP but relatively poor for sustained damage over time.  I plugged a flat, reliable 3 second cooldown reduction into ZAP! and it spat out a DPS increase of about 300, in the context of 10k overall.

But despite that reservation, it’s not a major issue because (a) the spell numbers can all be rebalanced so that a reduced cooldown is more desirable and (b) a single talent is not generally meant to provide a huge, game-breaking DPS boost anyway.  I actually expect Lava Burst to be a more significant component of elemental DPS in Cataclysm, because we’ll have lower crit and haste to prop up LB/CL and LvB will itself benefit from our new Elemental Overload mastery and the Acute Overload talent.  So yeah, a modest increase from 3 points would be totally fine.  But first we have to want to take the talent, and that might be a problem because of the new tier 5 enhancement talent.

Searing Flames

This is the enhancement talent which causes Searing Totem to deal an extra 100% of the damage from its hits over 15 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.  This just about doubles the damage output of Searing Totem – that’s like an extra ~600 DPS at 5 stacks, and with the totem’s attack hitting every ~2.5 seconds you’d probably manage to keep the DoT rolling without maxing out the talent.  It seems like the best way to get to 3-4 points in Searing Flames at present is simply to ignore Lava Surge (as well as Booming Echoes and Unrelenting Storm), or only to sink one or two points into it.  If Searing Flames stays where it is and as it is, it’d be extremely desirable for elemental and could well lead to us skipping talents in our own tree which we’d rather have.  That is, I suppose, something that the game designers would be pleased to encourage.  But presently a spec without Searing Flames would be lower DPS than a spec with it, which kinda makes it seem “mandatory”.

Dual Wield

I think we can be totally confident that this will not be a desirable talent for elemental (or restoration).  At present we can’t dual-wield caster weapons anyway – they’re all main-hand only – so we’d have to use a physical DPS offhand dagger/mace/axe enchanted with Flametongue Imbue to make it worth dual wielding.  Which is totally nonsensical and something the devs would never go for.  It could be prevented simply by making imbues unique or by making shields/caster offhands more desirable.  If it was left where it was in the tree but made undesirable for caster shamans for simple mechanical reasons, I’d not be terribly surprised if it eventually became baseline to the class.  It’d make sense for enhancement shamans to have it from the start while levelling anyway.

What’s missing

There’s presently no mention of Unleash Weapon in the talent trees at all, which I’d take to mean that they’ve not got around to putting it in yet rather than there being no talent synergy planned.  Lava Flows remains as it was, suggesting that Lava Burst itself is unchanged – a small niggle in my mind, as I see Lava Burst’s present incarnation as inherently problematic.  I’d like to see Lava Burst reworked for Cataclysm to make it a bit more interesting and flexible and allow more meaningful interaction with a talent like Lava Surge.  But perhaps that’s asking too much of a spell which has clearly been “successful” in terms of being enjoyed by the vast majority of elemental shamans.  There’s also no mention yet of Spirit Link for resto, or any talent synergy with Earthquake, Healing Rain or Spiritwalker’s Grace.  So I think the trees, despite being “further along” than some others, are still in a very early state.  I do remember how much the talents changed even in the last month or so of open beta for Wrath of the Lich King, so we shouldn’t expect what we see now to represent what we’ll be playing with come release day.  There’s a lot of development time, testing and sheer iteration to be gone through.

All the same, it’s important that we make our thoughts known (politely!) to the developers since they’ve specifically asked for feedback and clearly want to come up with talent trees and class mechanics which people are going to *like* 🙂  So go forth and feed back!  I’m interested to know what y’all make of this preview too.



22 thoughts on “Elemental shaman preview review 2

  1. I haven’t really been on board with your criticisms of the current implementation of Lava Burst, but after looking at your chart on the EJ forums I tend to agree that Lava Surge is a questionable talent with LvB in its current form. I guess we’ll see how it work out.

    Really, while I’m excited to see an early form of the trees, I think Blizzard released this primarily to show off the changed to the Enhancement tree. Given that the Elemental and Restoration trees have barely been touched, we might see a lot more shifting in the coming weeks.

    Also, I believe Ghostwalker has gone on record saying they built these to plan for a class’s leveling path, and that they haven’t really looked into actual build construction yet. So Resto or Ele shamans being able to reach DW, and possibly even Searing Flames, could easily be changed. I certainly hope we get to fit Searing Flames into our builds, though. Given the change to ToW, it seems like Blizz intends for Ele shamans to make the most of our damaging fire totems.

    Posted by Ishdarei | June 13, 2010, 12:35 am
    • I’ve not really justified my criticism of Lava Burst here on the blog (yet), partly because I feel it’s ultimately a “fun” spell and a successful part of the elemental rotation and writing a post about what I think is wrong with it seems a bit petty. My problems with it relate to how it’s affected perception of the class and particularly our “rotation” with the whole haste thing, the contributive effect it’s had on our crit scaling, and the poor interaction with Flame Shock in some circumstances (e.g. 4t10). I do like the spell, I just feel it could be done even better.

      The chart on EJ hopefully illustrates what I think the problems *could* be with Lava Surge, but they may well already have thought of that and planned around it with the way the proc is timed and whether it’s capable of being a bit retrospective and stuff like that. And of course there’s no real way to get a feel for the functionality without trying it. So yeah, we’ll see. I’m sure they can make it work even in its current form, I’m just not sure how much I want it to 🙂

      Unfortunately I’m not really in a position to fully appreciate the changes to the enhancement tree as I’ve never played enhance or seriously checked out the tree. Perhaps I should go read up on some enhance blogs to see how it’s been affected. I do get the impression that enhance is the tree which has needed the biggest changes, what with their incredibly crowded priority rotation and vast array of stuff to cope with at the moment, as well as the unfortunate way that you can’t really be a true enhancement shaman until like, level 40 or something. Elemental and resto are in a much better place by comparison so perhaps we won’t see the same level of changes to our talent trees.

      Posted by Charles | June 13, 2010, 1:42 am
      • This morning I was thinking about the Cata changes (so sue me, what else am I going to think about in the shower?) and came to the realization that your numbers on the EJ forums might not be doing Lava Surge justice, Charles.

        Your chart shows what a rotation would look like at the start of an Elemental rotation, but ends after the very first Lava Burst. What you recorded is really the time when Lava Surge would be performing at its worst, because you have to drop Flame Shock right before you cast Lava Burst.

        If you extend the graph a bit further in the attack chain, and take into account:

        A) The fact that in Cata, Flame Shock will interact with haste differently, and will (mostly) retain its initial, unhasted duration,


        B) The fact that Flame Shock will be able to be ‘buffered’ on the final tick, so you don’t have to wait for FS to fall off before you recast,

        I think you’ll get some very different numbers. After the first FS->LvB->LBx6->LvB chain, Flame Shock ticks will stop lining up so well with LB and LvB casts, and you’ll get more chances to cast LvB->LB->LvB.

        One other thing of note: You’ve played around with reducing the cooldown of Lava Burst in ZAP!, but have you tried messing with the base tick frequency of Flame Shock? If Flame Shock didn’t tick every 3 seconds, but instead ticked every, say, 2.5 seconds, would it stop lining up as well with our direct casting spells? It seems like a number of our ‘chances’ to put Lava Surge to good use are nullified by FS ticking at exactly the same time we cast. If that were changed, Lava Surge’s DPS value might increase substantially.

        Regardless of how much of a raw DPS increase it ends up being, it will certainly make our rotation a bit more spastic. I’m guessing I’ll need to get the TellMeWhen addon again when the Cata patch comes out.

        Posted by Ishdarei | June 18, 2010, 12:17 am
      • My intention was to illustrate the nature of a potential problem rather than thoroughly investigate the extent of it.

        That is, I was all “hmm could this happen?” and then “I don’t really have time to properly find out, I’ll post on EJ and maybe someone else will do the work” 😀 (Hence only showing the first part of the rotation as it illustrated my concern best.) So you’re absolutely right with your critique of it. Good post btw.

        Couple of points though:
        A) The only difference between FS in Cataclysm and FS now is the duration. Time between ticks will be identical as FS is already affected by haste.

        B) I believe that refreshing Flame Shock before the last tick will still “cost” a tick of the DoT (even though it won’t reset the tick timer), so you essentially sacrifice a small part of the spell’s damage recasting it early even with the new mechanic. We’ll have to see what it looks like when the beta starts to really be sure.

        The cooldown reduction on ZAP! was just a very vague ballpark that will hopefully bear no resemblance to the final value of the talent as there’s just so much not accounted for (proc timings, LvB overloads, lower haste and crit rates, final base damage of spells in Cataclysm, etc etc). But certainly at present LvB cooldown reductions aren’t an amazing source of DPS. Remember that Flame Shock already ticks every 3/yourhaste seconds which will be no different in Cata (except we’ll have less haste at 85 than we presently do at 80).

        Anyway, there’s a lot of room even with the present design for the talent to be more useful than we’re presently thinking. I’m not sure anyone really thinks it’s a great talent though. I mean, I almost like the idea of it but not quite, know what I mean? I’d not mind having the proc to react to and MORE LAVA!!! but it could be a tricky thing to try to balance elemental DPS around.

        OTOH, if the DPS benefit is intentionally small then there’s not much problem balancing around it in PvE and it just becomes a fun way to mix up the rotation. I guess the main worry is PvP.

        Posted by Charles | June 18, 2010, 2:27 am
  2. Regarding the comment about caster weapons being main-hand only: that needn’t be the case in Cata 🙂 It would make for an interesting change to the creeping homogenisation if shamans were able to dual-wield caster weapons, though I guess there’d have to be some kind of penalty to it, like only getting half the spellpower/intellect bonus from the OH weapon. It could mean ele shamans have the choice of a shield for the better protection, an ordinary off-hand for… old-times’ sake?… or an off-hand dagger/mace. Balancing it with other classes’ inability to DW could be problematic.

    I also wonder if dual-wielding could become a more integral part of being a shaman in general – like you say, if it became a baseline ability. That way it could be better worked into all three trees.

    Posted by Andy | June 13, 2010, 11:02 am
    • Sure, if Blizzard wanted us to dual-wield they’d make it sensible for us to do so. In the past they wanted DW to be an enhancement-only playstyle and took steps to make sure that elemental never took the talent – they actually restructured the enhancement tree to make sure elemental had no reason to take DW, and simultaneously (IIRC – or maybe this happened during TBC) made all caster weapons main-hand only.

      My argument is just that they’ll make it at least as undesirable this time around if it’s something they don’t want us to do. But certainly if they decide they want all shamans to dual-wield that’d be a different situation 🙂

      (I happen to like my shield, though!)

      Posted by Charles | June 13, 2010, 12:49 pm
      • Hey I like shields just as much as the next guy, I just don’t like the fact they’re so damn hard to get hold of 😀

        (my shaman still has the 219 shield from XT002 😦 )

        Posted by Andy | June 14, 2010, 8:17 am
  3. Talents look great, and i think the bursty aspect of PvP will be OK, for larger health pools and how that will work with resilience. They just have to keep in mind that fights can’t last forever for equally skilled players. It happens a lot on 2v2 and it’s mainly because of infinite resources and not enough burst.

    I wish we could DW, but.. as it’s very unlikely, i’d rather see a shield imbue. Maybe even something defensive. Cause at this point, for PvE the shield is purely cosmetic. That huge armor bonus we have doesn’t seem to affect even the least elite of the trash mobs.

    When i saw ‘Searing Flames’ i digged the way to the enhacement tree to make it possible and then came back to elemental. and it was sad.

    I understand enhacement needs some love too, but that’s an awesome talent. I’m totally in favor of totem micro management, and having to ‘worry’ about fire dps totems is all ele shamans want right now.

    What i really think is blizz has to assume elemental’s position in the game. We have a lot of short range spells (e.g magma, fire nova, thunderstorm) and we are a turret-like spec. I find those aspects really great, even tho every QQ is based upon those.
    So i would be happy to see these aspects to become
    real “trademarks” for the elemental, like being purple is for a s.priest or being a demon for demonology.

    In other words, i demand my own Mimiron’s phase-2 cooldown for elemental. =P

    Posted by Hexlol | June 14, 2010, 1:57 pm
  4. One thing that I have always been curious about is why the fervent push to change our rotation to be more “interesting?” There’s been the T10, and of course lots of talk regarding upcoming expansion changes.

    The baseline nature of the rotation as it is forcing us to pick between evils (i.e. clipping vs. delaying)…I can see why people would call this awkward for sure, but it has never really bothered me. I like the trickiness of what to do while moving – keeps me more than entertained, especially once you factor in EM, potting, and other little tweaks we can play against Flame Shock and specific fight mechanics. Any fun changes would be welcome, but not required for me to love my class.

    I guess what I am getting at…is our rotation so bad compared to other classes? Is it really that boring/awkward? Maybe I am too easily amused (I have to admit I’ve only raided with 1 alt, a prot warrior)

    Posted by Acariel | June 14, 2010, 2:30 pm
    • Clipping vs delaying is (as I’ve said before) something I also enjoy, but I think it’s an unintended and awkward side-effect of a few elemental mechanics rather than something intended. It seems counter-intuitive to me, but maybe that’s just me – there’s a reason I’m not a game designer 🙂

      I also don’t really know why there seems to be this impression of the elemental “rotation” as being “boring” or “easy” compared to other casters. I’ve played shadow priest, arcane and frost mages, affliction warlock back in TBC and hunter in vanilla, as well as a feral druid and unholy death knight, and each one has its flavour, its challenges, its “easy” stuff. I don’t really feel elemental is much different. It’s at least as challenging to be a really good elemental shaman as to be really good at any of the above, and at least as easy to perform really poorly. I actually think the split-second timing and management of multiple utility GCDs (totems, heroism) necessary to master elemental makes it somewhat more punishing than many other classes.

      On the other hand a well-played elemental has an amazing degree of consistency and reliability with almost no ramp-up time and very little reliance on RNG, and compared to some casters we’re penalised very little for moving (thanks to our fast-cast spells with no synergy/inter-reliance except for one DoT which can be refreshed on the move anyway). That may be seen as a problem by the developers.

      Posted by Charles | June 14, 2010, 2:46 pm
      • Thank you for the comments.=) Hmm, so maybe it’s not so much about us, the players, being entertained, as it is about the last part of your comment. I’m just musing but, it does make sense. We’ve enjoyed virtually nothing but buffs to our output for over a year (that’s when I started). Maybe we’re at a point where the buffing has obscured things a bit, given us a rotation that is too easy to maintain on a mediocre level, too little RNG involved, and they want to make it more interesting i.e. punishing to do well.

        Posted by Acariel | June 14, 2010, 3:10 pm
      • So I’m browsing through the interwebs reading up on the latest on ele shamans (my offspec) and what do I come across but comments from Jade’s sister! My guild used me as ele last night on LK 25 heroic, figured I’d better get back to optimizing :p

        Posted by Energin | June 14, 2010, 4:53 pm
  5. Surprising that Lava Surge turns out to be such a small dps increase given present stats available. Further fuel for the fire that the talent isn’t all that hot. The PVP implications were the first thing that came to mind for me; even given increased hp/resil in Cata, the possibility of 3-4 bursts hitting a target in a small time frame (say, 5 seconds) is absolutely nasty…it would be our equivalent of Vanilla/early BC warrior’s sword spec, in a way.

    It would not surprise nor hurt my feelings if the talent were completely dropped. That would be 3 more points available for some interesting stuff found in the enhance tree (such as maxing out the movement speed talent).

    Regarding the clipping of searing totem…maybe the duration for it will come to match that of other totems? I don’t see it being a big deal for searing to have 5 minute duration; if someone’s dumb enough to let a totem pew pew them while fighting a shaman…well…fail. 😛 Magma is still a higher dps totem (even on single targets iirc), so it would be ideal in pvp, least against melee.

    Completely retarded idea: Instead of deleting sentry totem, make it the same as searing, only it shoots lightning bolts at nearby enemies, heh. Next thing you know we end up with water and earth totems hurling frostbolts and rocks at people. 😛

    Posted by Kazgrel | June 14, 2010, 4:46 pm
    • The single-target DPS of Searing is a bit lower than Magma’s, but because you have to drop magma so much more often it works out as slightly less DPS in most PvE situations due to spent GCDs (and possibly positioning time). Which is actually quite a nice balance for us elementals. Searing Flames seems to be an attempt to make Searing the totem of choice for enhance too, so I don’t know where that leaves *our* Searing Totem unless we do end up sharing the talent.

      Re: Lava Surge, I only did a very cheap quick hack to reduce LvB’s cooldown in ZAP! by a flat amount. With haste and crit levels so high, Lava Burst simply isn’t dominating our damage output these days despite its clear DPSC superiority to LB/CL. The precise DPS output of the talent would depend on a lot of things which I’ve not (yet) modelled. But yeah, the main “problem” with it is that it’s one of the only talents we could sacrifice to reach Searing Flames.

      (A full suite of Elemental attack totems would be both wonderful and frightening. I’d want a minor glyph to make my water totem fling snowballs, though!)

      Posted by Charles | June 15, 2010, 2:00 pm
      • Agree with snowballs over frostbolts. Separates us from mages. 😛

        Posted by Kazgrel | June 15, 2010, 3:35 pm
      • I don’t really understand how the lava surge will work with our current rotation. If flame shock can refresh the cooldown, I can only imagine it as sort of frustrating and confusing to use LB and CLB as fillers.
        Sort of like the problem with how haste affects the cd of lava burst now, where you may have to cast an ‘extra’ LB or wait for LvB to light up if it’s really close. Except if haste adds more Flame Shock ticks now, then it might get pretty hectic. We won’t even have a timer to be prepared for LvB. I guess of course, if this just means that it doesn’t proc much, there’d hardly be an issue, but I don’t really feel that the LvB cooldown is very long that it should get a refresh.

        Posted by Kazeko | June 24, 2010, 8:18 am
  6. Kazgrel – perhaps Blizz will just increase the CD of LvB as well, so that the CD-reset element of FS becomes more manageable and necessary. If they increased the power of LvB significantly too, that’d make it more attractive.

    Posted by Andy | June 24, 2010, 9:57 am
  7. — Kazgrel thread too —
    I assume you didn’t discuss it because you want to leave out unsubstantiated changes, but everyone seems to be convinced already that FS will be changed in the manner warlock dots are being changed – that is, that haste will affect the number of ticks, with a static duration, rather than the current static tick count with haste affecting duration. I think you tacitly aknowleged the change to be likely on EJ though.

    I haven’t played as long as a lot of you guys, but if everyone thinks it’s highly likely to apply to us I am happy with the change. It makes shock stuff a lot simpler 😀 (though I bet you’re not looking forward to re-doing all that rotation stuff in ZAP!, even if it’s simpler in the end).

    I’m sure if Lava Surge is included in the final build, they will balance it so our hasted ticks in an 18s FS duration doesn’t proc it “too much,” or maybe there will be an internal CD on Surge so that we still benefit from fast ticks (get the proc sooner after CD), rather than being annoyed by missed procs.

    Posted by Acariel | June 24, 2010, 1:11 pm
    • I’m assuming that Flame Shock’s DoT will work that way, and I’m reasonably sure it’s been confirmed somewhere somewhere that all DoTs/HoTs (channelled spells too?) will function like that in Cataclysm. The only difference between that and the current Flame Shock mechanic, however, is the duration – the time between ticks would remain exactly as it is now, i.e. 3 seconds divided by %haste. (And also the tick timer won’t be reset if the DoT is “clipped” early.)

      An internal CD would seem sensible for PvP but would really reduce the usefulness of the talent for PvE, because at present there’s just not that much time between Lava Bursts anyway.

      A longer CD and more powerful Lava Burst would, I think, just make the potential PvP problems even more serious. But without some hard numbers (character health, how hard other spells hit, etc.) to work with we really can’t say.

      @Kazeko: There’s not really any situation now where we want to wait for LvB to come off cooldown instead of casting a filler spell, but I agree it’d be odd going from our current meticulous (if dynamic) planning as we watch our Lava Burst cooldown tick and our Lightning cast times and work out exactly when we’ll need to queue that LvB, to suddenly having to react to it being off cooldown, unexpectedly, right now – and yet still having to be ready for Surge not proccing at all before the next cooldown is up. But, so long as our DPS wasn’t chained to RNG through it, I’d welcome a little less maths in my rotation 😉

      Posted by Charles | June 24, 2010, 3:46 pm
      • What about if LvB worked kinda like SV hunters’ Lock & Load: the proc means you effectively get a “free” LvB, that maybe does less damage or doesn’t trigger the cooldown. I guess then though it’s not all that different to Lightning Overload (or the Cata equivalent – Elemental Overload? I forget)

        Posted by Andy | June 24, 2010, 3:59 pm


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