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Get it?  Because it's a META?  GET IT?

Another week on and I’m finally reaching the end of my list of priority elemental shaman topics to write up.  I’d still like to do a post on set bonuses and either a full post or – more likely – an edit to my existing guide dealing with enchants and gems.  After two weeks of posting once a day on topics that have required me to really check my information carefully, I’m ready to slow down a bit.  Soon I’ll start to post more opinion and analysis stuff as the “guides” are completed, but whenever I feel like it rather than on a strict one-per-day regimen.

Traffic & other blogs

The blog got a lot of traffic over the weekend, probably thanks in part at least to being linked to from Llyra’s excellent Healing Way blog (for which I am very grateful, by the way!).  It’s also getting increased traffic from search engines, though there’s still a fair distance to go to in terms of getting awareness out.  I have, however, discovered a fair number of other elemental shaman blogs out there including:

So definitely go check these out if you’re interested in more than just technical data explained using bright colours!


The other thing I’m engaged in at present is expanding and polishing my own particular take on formulaic shaman theorycraft in the form of a spreadsheet.  Initially I just wanted something to compare to the results I was getting from Bink’s spreadsheet; but as I understood more and more of how SEIC worked, I was more and more interested in trying different methods and using my own calculations (as I can never be sure what’s Bink’s genius and what’s just a typo).  All the basic stuff is in – it’ll take your stats and talents and buffs and return a pretty accurate DPS figure – but I’ve still not got round to putting in the various features that caused me to start it in the first place.  More news on that if and when it develops.

As you’ll know if you read the “About” page, I started this blog partly because I saw a need for a source of high-quality elemental shaman information on the Interwebs, and partly because I needed something to keep my mind active while my normal life is on hold.  I think it’s so far been pretty successful on both counts, though it’s also been very tiring.  I’m hoping the spreadsheet will keep me active-minded in a more leisurely way as I begin to scale back the posting frequency.


It’s been great to see some comments on the site, and I really do enjoy reading them.  Please don’t be shy to add what you think or a question or observation or whatever to the end of any posts.  And if there’s anything you’d like to see, don’t be frightened to use the Suggestion Box – it’s really preferable to PMing me on the EJ forums.

Thanks for reading and see ya ’round!



2 thoughts on “Progress blogging

  1. Hey, thanks for the linkage! I’m going to keep an eye out for your spreadsheet and play with it whenever you have it completed. I am not an expert bug tester of Excel, mind you, but if I notice something that appears to be out of place, I’ll holla. 😛

    Posted by Kazgrel | October 30, 2009, 6:28 pm
  2. Gah! It’s so hard to find a decent ele blog. This is great.

    Posted by blink | November 6, 2009, 7:23 pm

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