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Focus: Dreambound

For today’s focus we’ll take a break from looking at Elemental and instead turn to an excellent blog serving our druidic brothers and sisters: Dreambound.

Dreambound: The ramblings of a druid

“But Charles,” you say, “your interest is feral druids, and this site is about restoration!”

Well, Resto druids have a special place in my heart: a resto druid was my first character in the game to reach level 60, and there are so few things more awesome than a big tree with a little tree jumping around throwing healing spells on everyone. I also appreciate the strength and versatility of resto druids from the point of view of a raid leader/planner.

However! Dreambound is not just about resto druids, and this is part of what makes it such a great blog. It also takes a wider look at the druid class and its other talent trees, evaluates changes (with math!!!), gives comments and opinions and provides useful guides, all in a very accessible and user-friendly manner.

The author also occasionally does silly comics.

Dreambound: comics

Then there are strategy guides drawn from experience and related in that same friendly and accessible way, covering most of the fights in 10-man Ulduar and 10-man Ulduar hardmode as well as some others.  There are sections on mods and macros, and Kae even did a survey to research how MBTI personality type corresponds to role in WoW.

All in all, it’s a great blog and an excellent resource for druids – especially the healing-inclined – which also offers a lot for the interested bystander or 10-man raider.  Go check it out!



One thought on “Focus: Dreambound

  1. :O I get a post all of my own? Awwww!

    I’m glad that non-healers have found my blog to be useful and enjoyable! Though… I do need to post some feral musings more often 🙂

    I’ve tagged you for a bit of healer fun with a questionnaire, one started by Jessabelle from Miss Medicina. If you’re interested, you can read more about it here, where it started!

    Posted by Kae | October 28, 2009, 8:50 pm

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