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In faint praise of Archaeology

In the post-launch rush a lot of folks I knew were putting in serious grind time on Cataclym’s new Archaeology profession, some excited about the oooh new shiny! and others just aiming for the phat lewtz.  In such a context I found nothing to excite me about the whole affair: I was busy enough levelling … Continue reading

Binding Raid Marks and World Markers

Raid markers are great.  I’ve been a total mark junkie ever since they were first added to the game.  Patch 4.0 took markers a step further, allowing raid leaders to place persistent, bobbing colourful misty marker things on the environment itself, which is all sorts of awesome. This post deals with key binding both the … Continue reading

Worst. Dungeon. Ever.

I really love Blackrock Depths. It’s genuinely one of my favourite places in WoW. It is the epitome of a school of dungeon and game design which vanilla WoW itself was the culmination of in the broader spectrum of MMOs. I bet you loved it too, even though these days you look down upon it. … Continue reading

From Magmaw to Tol Barad

Hello, and welcome to another exciting episode of Planet of the Hats! We’ve been on involuntary hiatus for a wee while, but we now return to our regularly scheduled broadcasts. Which aren’t regular, or scheduled, or actually broadcasts.  A solid foundation from which to move forward, or indeed go nowhere at all. On the programme … Continue reading

A stranger in my own land – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my questing experiences post-Shattering, particularly about how WoW’s excellent sense of place and world-building really enhances the experience for me. In this followup-post I’d like to explore the concept of sense of place within games a bit further, and take a look at why exactly it’s so … Continue reading

Fantastic and terrible

Lately I’ve been thrashing out posts with my brain distinctly in the back seat, hoping that what results will at least be a little entertaining, but mostly benefiting from some much-needed mindlessness after a busy end to this calendar year.  Cataclysm’s release has afforded a new opportunity for some low brainpower enjoyment, but now that’s … Continue reading

Cataclysm, eh

Today I got into the Christmas spirit by hunting down a slippery zero-deaths frost mage in Battle for Gilneas, finally putting them to a gasping end in the back corner of the Waterworks while snugly encased in their own spellstolen Ice Barrier.  And a happy new year to you too. Cataclysm!  Great, isn’t it?  I … Continue reading

A stranger in my own land – Part 1

One day, when I am 130 years old thanks to amazing revolutions in medicine, I will tell my imaginary great grandson the story of Loch Modan. I will tell him how the brave night elf hunter Razzmatazz once saved the lake from attacks of the dark iron dwarves along with the foul-mouthed dwarven paladin sir … Continue reading

Ambling through the Shattering

It’s no secret that I’ve been somewhat ambivalent about the launch of Cataclysm, despite being of the opinion that it’s a fantastic blend of lovingly-crafted new content, intelligently balanced game mechanic changes and retro-chic cool.  I was there, though, at 11pm GMT on Monday evening, ready to welcome in release with some guildies and friends, … Continue reading

Quick Cataclysm elemental primer

Heads up anyone looking for Cataclysm elemental content – I’ve posted a “quick primer” over at, consisting of some answers to frequently asked questions (which I can’t take credit for), some brief non-spoilery notes on what to expect from the new content both initially and at level 85, and some tips on the whole … Continue reading

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