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How I one-shotted the tank

Unrelated preamble

First up, I should mention that I uploaded another new ZAP! version this week to fix a couple of errors.  It also contained some toggles for updates relating to the patch 3.3.3 PTR notes (hasted flame shocks and the 60% crit damage glyph).  Full explanation is in the EJ thread.  Latest version is now 1.2.4.

Secondly, if you’re looking for more elemental shaman guides and theorycraft, do not despair, for I have not forsaken my beloved spec.  I’m very slowly working on drafts for the long-promised stats and lag posts at the moment – they’re the sort of posts that actually require a considerable amount of effort, research, collation and preparation to do properly (and I’ll inevitably end up half-assing them anyway).  However, there are two resources that are well worth checking out if you haven’t already:

Totemz – I’ve highlighted this new blog before, and I want to do so again.  Zing has continued to provide a lot of regularly-updated elemental content dealing with a broad range of topics (as well as some lighter posts), so if you’re hurtin’ for elemental informations then do pay a visit.  Be sure to scroll down too.

Elemental Shaman Theorycrafting Think Tank – remember that this excellent resource is back and has been heavily updated.  It’s basically a one-stop-shop for the raiding elemental.  Chances are if you need a quick answer you’ll find it there.

So with that said, I shall ramble for a bit.  Hooray!

How I one-shotted the tank

It all began with boots.  A pair of level 72, bind-on-equip cloth boots, Mammoth-Riding Boots of the Forseer in fact.  These delectable and stylish ilevel 167 blues have adorned the cloven hooves (well, ankles and calves) of my mage alt since she was but newly set foot (…hoof, we just established that) in Northrend, though disappointingly she only ended up actually riding mammoths with them on a small number of occasions.

Of course being, as she is, now utterly festooned with ilevel 232/245 epics thanks to the LFD tool, and lacking, as she does, any mammoths to ride, these boots are becoming a bit of an embarrassment and I am keen to find a replacement.  Any replacement.  Pit of Saron heroic drops some decent ilevel 232 cloth boots but I’d happily temporarily take blues from heroic Nexus if they’d just drop.  So Tehila has been traipsing along to some specific instances in hope of boots.  First Pit of Saron heroic for the higher ilevel goodies, then Trial of the Champion heroic for the lower ilevel hit/crit option, then Nexus heroic for the Emblems of Triumph and chance at the aforementioned blue shoes (not discernibly suede, unfortunately).

And finally, Pit of Saron normal mode for the sort of baby version of Prelate’s Snowshoes – the Ice-Steeped Sandals.

It turns out that most people who run Pit of Saron normal mode are slightly less geared up than Tehila is right now.  Nevertheless I ended up in a nice, friendly and capable group of people who were clearly sick of farming the place but equally clearly had been doing so for some time.  We meandered purposefully through the instance with nary a hickup nor a glitch until arriving at Scourgelord Tyrannus (who, as you will be aware, is neither a devilsaur nor a white rap artist).

So Scourgelord Tyrannus has this spell called Overlord’s Brand which causes all damage done by the afflicted to hurt the tank too.

Yeah, you can see where this is going.

It had been a pretty easy group so far and I’d been able to do some pretty great damage on account of being arcane and bedecked in ilevel 232/245 epics as you no doubt remember.  We even had replenishment and a death knight who may have been unholy and supplying Ebon Plaguebringer.  I had not really had to think or engage much beyond hotfingering my Iceblock key on trash.  But for Tyrannus, Mirror Image was up so I knew aggro wouldn’t be a problem.

So I popped MI and then Arcane Power, which increases my damage by 20%.  At the same time I used Icy Veins, 20% haste.  I also happened to stack Arcane Blast to 4, which increases damage by 60%.  At this point I also gained a Clearcasting proc and the shadowpriest triggered my Focus Magic buff, increasing my crit chance by 33%.  And my trinkets both activated at once giving me 1112 extra spellpower.

(Elemental Mastery seems pretty pathetic after all that, I have to say.)

And as that last Arcane Blast landed, two things happened:

  1. a message popped up on my screen: “Tehila has Overlord’s Brand!”
  2. my power aura for Missile Barrage flashed urgently at me.

And well, I am weak 😦  Faced with the prospect of an APIV ABx4 fully trinket-buffed clearcasting magic-focused missile barrage at the end of an easy and relaxing run, my finger went to that Arcane Missiles key after only a moment’s hesitation.

So apparently I somehow did 38,000 damage in just over one and a half seconds, despite my boots being (in theory at least) better suited to perching on pachyderms than foiling the nefarious schemes of Scourgelords who are neither dinosaurs nor rappers.

And apparently our tank only actually had about 34k health.

And people say Elemental has insane burst 😦

So yeah, that was basically “it” as they say.  We kited him around for a bit and managed to get about 50% more off his health bar before I finally bought the proverbial farm, but when the tank dies 10 seconds in there’s not that much you can do, especially if he was merrily and rapidly powerroasted by a member of his own team.

There followed a somewhat incredulous and awkward silence as we corpse-ran, until the healer said something like “wtf was that?” and one of the other DPS said “I think someone forgot to stop DPSing during overlord’s brand”.  I had just checked Recount to discover the 38k figure (Tyrannus himself had only actually done about 24k to the tank) and was utterly, utterly mortified.  It took me several agonising seconds to work up the courage to say that yes, it was me, I was the idiot who had utterly annihilated our tank in one swift burst of passion and chaos, and no, I didn’t actually have a good reason for it.

The really ironic thing is that I had just been talking in the guild chat channel about how nice it was to be playing a max-level alt that I really enjoyed, had been able to effectively gear up and was pretty good at for the first time since TBC.

Anyway, I said sorry to my poor party and they said “lol” and “np” and didn’t even vote kick me.  So that was very nice and touching.  I was an idiot, but they forgave me.  Thank you random pick up group that I needlessly wiped, and once again I am so so sorry.

And after all that we didn’t even get the freakin’ boots.



9 thoughts on “How I one-shotted the tank

  1. Crafted boots? There are a handful of lower level blues or the 226 runic orb crafted ones. Fashionable shoes, they are important!

    Posted by Berry | February 27, 2010, 6:33 pm
    • I felt the crafted ones are just too expensive to justify their combination of low ilevel, suboptimal stats and easily accessible upgrades. That will change a little in 3.3.3, of course. Considering there were so many decent dropped boots available I felt going for an insanely expensive craft would be silly… until you’ve gone a week with none dropping.

      But tonight I finally got a pair of Prelate’s Snowshoes, and this time I didn’t kill the tank \o/

      Posted by Charles | March 1, 2010, 12:43 am
  2. Hahahahaha 😀

    That’s awesome Charles! 😀 And here I was trying to write a serious blog 😉

    Posted by Zing | February 28, 2010, 12:28 am
  3. Ah, friendly fire…one of the most entertaining elements of WoW, imo.

    I’ve always been “that guy” that always manages to get MCed and then proceed to one shot an unsuspecting member of my party/raid. Recently, this occured on my warlock alt in Slave Pens; a Chaos Bolt to the face of our healer (which one shot him without critting 😮 ) almost resulted in a wipe. In years past, I was a warrior getting MCed, and with the gear I had during those times (best in slot everything, more or less), things could get ugly in a hurry.

    Ironically enough, I don’t recall any instances of gibbing friendlies while MCed as my shaman. Oh, nevermind…I t-stormed in the middle of our raid once on Deathwhisper then gibbed someone with an EMed LB. 😀

    Posted by Kazgrel | March 1, 2010, 4:24 pm
  4. I never votekick people unless they’re intentionally AFKing, or if we cannot complete the instance with them in the group (whether they refuse to listen to strategy, or maybe they just aren’t putting out enough DPS for harder instances, like Halls of Reflection). Apologies are a rare thing, and it usually means that that person isn’t going to make the same mistake again.

    But uh, yeah–I have a certain amount of trinkets/macros/etc. that allow me to do upwards of 50k damage in a global cooldown in the best case scenario. And I have definitely killed myself multiple times like this on Deathwhisper.

    Posted by Bergg | March 2, 2010, 12:51 am
  5. The DPS Demon rode you hard… (he’s the little guy who sits on your shoulder and makes you do things like that, by the way, it’s not your fault, I’m helpless to him as well but I think it’s because, being a healer, I’ve built up no resistance).

    Honestly, this made me laugh – I loved it.

    And I have to say ice-steeped sandals are not appropriate footwear for Northrend. Do you want your toes to fall off?!

    Posted by Tam | March 3, 2010, 3:20 pm
  6. Accidentally nuking a fellow party member like a good Arcane Mage should! We’ve all done it, but you sir, did it with style! Arcane Mages everywhere salute you!

    Posted by Calli | April 20, 2010, 11:57 pm


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