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ZAP! 1.2.3

Another minor new release, version 1.2.3 doesn’t feature any maths changes but does include a couple of new things that folks have requested.  Two features I want to highlight are the new Gem Suggester and Profile thingies, as well as the optimisation which should make the spreadsheet faster and “lighter”.

Gem suggester

On the Calculators tab below the Compare Things Thingy, this tool will use DEP values to automatically optimise gem selection.

  • Choose the socket colours from the drop-down Colour menu.  “None” is no socket and “Any” is a prismatic socket such as you get from using a Belt Buckle.
  • Below that, choose the socket bonus type from the drop-down menu and enter the number of the bonus stat.
  • The suggester will list the names of its recommended gems for each socket and a description of what stats they provide, as well as the total DEP of its choices and whether the socket bonus is being “Used” or “Ignored”.

By default the suggester will ignore hit rating because of the artificially high value of hit in a spreadsheet (see Q2 under “Specifics”).  However, you can turn hit rating use on if you really want.

At present, the suggester ignores meta gem activation requirements.  The only way such a feature would be useful is if it was part of a full gearset gem optimiser… which is somewhat beyond what I’m doing right now.  However the working can easily scale to that task if there is any call for it in the future.


Back to the Main tab, you’ll notice a small addition to the big “START HERE” box.  On the bottom right of this area are two new buttons: > Store < and > Retrieve <.

  • Clicking > Store < will store within the current spreadsheet your stats, glyphs, items (that is, relics, set bonuses and trinkets) and buffs/debuffs.
  • Clicking > Retrieve < will overwrite whatever settings you’re currently using with the ones previously stored.

The > Store < button also stores your current DPS figure, which you can see beneath the main DPS readout.  As you change your stats, settings, etc, your stored DPS will continue to be displayed and compared to the current readout.

This should make it easier to see the result of fiddling around with stats and settings as well as to restore original settings after such a period of fiddling – but note that at present things like talents, encounter options and advanced settings aren’t stored.

You can totally ignore the profile feature if you want, it’s just there to make the spreadsheet more convenient for those who want to use it!  Note that it will only work with macros enabled.


My priority for version 1.2.0 was getting the new formulator working and releasing on time for patch 3.3.2.  The next couple of versions were mostly small tweaks and fixes.  This time around I’ve had a chance to go through and reduce the amount of unnecessary maths the spreadsheet does by “piggybacking” many of the DEP rotation formulators onto other formulators.

This means that the file size is smaller, CPU and memory usage is smaller, and the spreadsheet should be faster to use as a result.

There’s still a lot more I could do to make it smaller and faster, but that was never an issue before 1.2.0 so it wasn’t designed with that in mind.

User Guide

The User Guide is now almost entirely up to date, including the FAQ.  However, with the removal of the Sandbox rendering that page obsolete, I will (sooner or later) change it to a page on use of encounter settings, advanced options and some of the new tools such as those featured above.

Full changelog & Download

As always, a full list of changes with some more explanation is in the EJ thread.

Download v1.2.3 Download v1.2.3 Compatibility



4 thoughts on “ZAP! 1.2.3

  1. I’d like to say thank you for all your work on developing this spreadsheet.

    I have a question which doesn’t appear to have been addressed in the past:
    Why is it that the troll racial’s DEP is so much higher than that of an orc? The proc average also seems much much higher than what I come up with on my own.

    After looking at the Hyperspeed Accelerators and Lightweave Embroidery, I would have expected the racials to be similar.

    Thank you for your time.

    Posted by Maker | February 18, 2010, 4:09 pm
    • Heh, well, I did the racials DEP thing so long ago I can barely remember… but I think it’s because Berserking is considered an additional haste % effect like Heroism or Elemental Mastery, whereas Hyperspeed is just a flat haste rating value. The Berserking DEP display uses the old method of figuring out how much haste rating 20% haste is worth, then averaging that out over duration/cooldown. That means that the more haste you have, the more haste rating the calculation will say Berserking is worth (which is correct).

      This is different from how the main formulator handles Berserking, because the formulator actually models it properly as 20% extra haste for 10 seconds every 3 minutes. I could (and should) update the professions DEP to use this new formulation but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Though it’s quite easy to see how much it’s worth just by toggling it on/off on the main page, of course.

      Anyway, Berserking is (in theory) a lot more powerful than any of the other racials, which is why so many hardcore elementals have race-changed to trolls in the past few months.

      (I appreciate the thanks, too 🙂 )

      Posted by Charles | February 18, 2010, 4:30 pm
  2. As pertaining to the new 5% raid wide buff to Damage, Healing, and Health in Icecrown Citadel, is there going to be an update to ZAP! to include the new scaling buff?

    Posted by Crimsín | March 10, 2010, 7:44 pm
    • Hmm, it might be quite simple if I roll it in with the existing mitigation mechanics… if it’s not then I won’t bother as there’s a LOT to do for the next release 😀

      (The buff won’t affect stat weightings or anything, so it’s not a priority.)

      Posted by Charles | March 10, 2010, 10:48 pm

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