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I have a confession to make: I’m not really keen on the whole cultural New Year’s Resolutions thing.  I think waiting until New Year’s Day to try and change things that need changing is silly, and I know that resolutions made on the first of January will usually have been guiltily forgotten by the next week!  But on the other hand, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with looking at the year ahead, retrospecting on the year behind, and trying to improve the former with regard to the latter.  That’s scientific, that is.

Anyway, so Tahas says I should do a resolutions post on the theme “New Year’s Resolutions: In-Game and Out“, so here it is in the format of neither of the types of resolution I just talked about.

In-game resolutions

The more I use the Dungeon Finder, the more I’m encountering total and utter silence stretching from the nervous “hi” or two at the beginning to the relieved “thx bye”s at the end.  Between these dim and sputtering torches of actual gen-you-ine humanity lies a grim and dank expanse of pure awkwardness and fear: nobody dares to break this silence for fear of what these mysterious unknowns they are grouped with might do!  And I think this fear can be justified, given how much nastiness, inconsiderateness, and petty bullying I come across in WoW situations – especially in the dungeon finder PUGs and on forums on which the game is discussed.  It’s so unnecessary and recklessly harmful.

So, because that’s in my mind at the moment, here are some “resolutions” that I would like to stick to:

WoWRes #1: I want to try to be always appropriately sociable and talkative in PUGs, and will make the effort to engage in meaningful communication where it is beneficial to the group (especially when I’m the arbitrarily designated cat herder).

WoWRes #2: I want to always be considerate and friendly towards people I come into contact with, whether in-game or on the forums – or at very least, polite and civil in my disagreements with them.  I’ll take PUGers “as-is” and won’t try to change them to fit my ideals.

WoWRes #3: I will never let a desire for expediency of character furtherment take precedence over the really important and worthwhile aspects of the game-space – fun and friendship.

Of course, the challenge for “resolutions” like those is in keeping them when you really don’t feel like it – when you’re tired and just want to get your emblems of frost for the day, or when someone writes obnoxious invective in response to your forum post that was trying to be helpful.

Out-game resolutions

RLRes #1: I want to start writing fiction again.  It’s fun and can really tighten up one’s use of the language.

RLRes #2: I want to give more time to music.  It’s in danger of becoming simply a soundtrack to other things I do instead of something I simply appreciate for itself.

And finally:

RLRes #3: I will remember, with every cup of tea that I drink, what a special privilege it is to be able to regularly and easily partake in such a magnificently normal and humble pleasure.

So there.

I won’t “tag” anyone to do this (and several bloggers that I read have already done similar things anyway), but if you like the idea then go ahead!  What kind of “resolutions” do you have, or should you have, for the coming months?



7 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Can I be a dick and have resolutions which don’t have anything to do with being nice to people? Because I don’t really like being nice to people. OK FINE I’LL TRY SLIGHTLY HARDER. But it’s not a resolution so I can break it whenever I want :}

    My first WoW resolution is to try and continue playing the character I play WELL, that is to say try not and get stuck in a rut and end up being a detriment to a (raid) group. It’ll be a challenge with everything else going on and hunter and item mechanics changing radically in Cataclysm, is what I’m saying. Meaning I’ll have to spend quite a bit of time reading up on mechanics again, which is something I’ve been avoiding lately (because it wasn’t REALLY necessary anyway). So yeah, rambling. But that’s roughly the first one.

    The second one (do I have to do three?) is something lame and predictable like getting the Icecrown meta, I suppose. Everything past that is just too far away to look towards at this point.

    And the third one is be nicer to Matsu because he’s so adorable. But that’s one most readers of this blog won’t get. And I’m going to be just as mean to everyone else, sorry.

    Real life ones (these will be boring to anyone who doesn’t know me – as if the others were all that interesting):

    1) Continue playing guitar, hopefully gradually getting better at it. This means continuing the rule I started playing with in 2009: 1 hour a day, 6 days a week practice at least. Expanding my knowledge of music theory is a related goal. Oh, and listening to lots and lots of hopefully very different music.
    2) Somehow getting in shape. I honestly haven’t cared about anything like this in my entire life, but I think if I really WANT to do it (as I do now), it’s going to work out. I’ll save that one for after I finish my degree though.
    3) Finish my degree!! And get decent grades, because I am a giant nerd. And succesfully start a follow-up degree.

    I’ve got like 5 more, but they aren’t really resolutions as much as things I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up doing anyway. Like continuing to expand my knowledge about the game industry and game development, learn the basics of programming, start a decent blog (YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME), do more writing on various subjects, watch a LOT of movies I haven’t seen yet, and maybe even take some initial steps for that indie game I’ve been musing about with my brother. And read more books. Definitely. And learn another language. Like Polish or Spanish (no really). SO MUCH TO DO.

    Posted by Razz | January 3, 2010, 5:07 pm
  2. I like all of yours for multiple reasons.

    Being nice is something that I run into on X-box Live when I play that. If you want a cesspool of humanity? Check there. PuG’s are down right sociable by comparison.

    I’ve resolved to write some fiction, but I have no idea whether it should be a resolution or not… It’s just something to do to help pass the time.

    And yes, every cup of tea/coffee/beverage of choice is important. I need to remember that one, too.

    Posted by Tahas | January 3, 2010, 5:43 pm
  3. I’ve thought of a few WoW related Resolutions, and they all make me feel terribly no-liferish and stereotypically Asian, but there you go.

    [1] I want to get full Tier on my Warlock, and make him the best he can be before Cataclysm (from 10 mans).

    [2] I want to level and gear a couple more characters to 80, starting with my Mage and my Paladin, which leads me to

    [3] Play a tank at some form of endgame content

    [4] Level a character through the old world. Because I’m a masochist, and I also want to remember (however loosely) what it was like to level through the old world before Cataclysm hits!

    [5] Level a horde character: Not so much a resolution but an already conceived plan with a friend of mine for when Cataclysm comes out to level some characters using RAF.

    Real life Resolutions include boring things like trying to work harder (or slack less) when it comes to University, and to really throw everything into my Industrial Placement which starts in July.

    As well as this, once I get a place of my own I want to see about getting a piano so I can give the ivories a twinkle again, because I dearly miss having a piano 😦

    Posted by Tran | January 3, 2010, 6:12 pm
  4. My resolution is to not make any resolutions–and I’ve succeeded!

    I totally know where you’re coming from about LFG, though. Everyone is so quiet; it defeats the point of WoW being an MMO. Whenever I join a PUG I say hello, ask everyone if they’ve been raiding ICC and how far they’ve gotten.. Just yesterday I had a conversation about how important custom keybinds are with a group; hopefully I converted a few of them.

    I mean, let’s face it. Most of us have done these Heroics 20+ times or more already; they’ve gotten boring! Why just drag yourself through it when you can strike up a conversation?

    And here’s a REALLY great thread I found that can spice up anyone’s instance:

    Posted by Bergg | January 4, 2010, 1:26 am
    • Oh man, some of those are so hilarious. The one with the guy “pretending” that his house was on fire had me in stitches.

      Posted by Charles | January 4, 2010, 2:02 am
      • I liked the one with the sixth party member. The group barely says a word during the entire run and doesn’t even respond to that weirdo talking to Clyde all the time, and at the end one of the group members goes “you people talk too much” :’).

        It was also interesting to see how a lot of those stories ended in the group member trying out the improv getting kicked 😀

        Posted by Razz | January 4, 2010, 3:42 pm

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