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ZAP! spreadsheet released

I’ve tinkered, edited and updated and got to the point where I think ZAP! is ready for general consumption.

What this probably means is that I’ll immediately start finding glaring errors and blatant omissions, but such is life.

ZAP! is an elemental DPS spreadsheet designed to help you make choices about your character’s gear, talent and glyph choice, buff dependency, spell rotation and so forth.  It also features a sandbox rotation editor in which you can play around with different methods for doing DPS, or construct spell rotations to deal with specific circumstances and then evaluate their effectiveness.

You can find a user’s guide here.

You can download ZAP! from one of these links:

Download ZAP!

Download ZAP! compatibility version

Remember to use the compatibility version only if the normal one doesn’t work for you.

As usual, feedback and (heaven forbid) bug reports are welcomed.



2 thoughts on “ZAP! spreadsheet released

  1. Very cool. Gave it a spin, and it’s very easy to navigate and use, and your guide was immensely helpful. Great work man, I’ll be keeping my eye on this!

    Posted by sayis | November 10, 2009, 12:13 am
    • Hi all,
      I would like to download Zap!, but I can’t found it, it says that it’s no longer available, it’s nothing behind the link. Can anyone help me and link a useable one? I need it for game version 3.3.5.

      Posted by Drucylla | May 21, 2013, 8:38 am

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