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It's a console!

So it’s nearly a week since I started this blog!  I’m really pretty happy with what I’ve done so far, despite being mocked by guildmates for using lots of pretty colours and random pictures and eating rusks (it’s a cultural thing, OK?  They’re nothing like the rusks you get in the UK anyway, it’d be like comparing orange juice to espresso).  At very least it’s fulfilling the objective of keeping my mind active.

Even if this project is something I don’t stick at for very long, I’d like it to at least remain as a useful resource for elemental shamans until Cataclysm hits.  There’s a dearth of accessible, accurate elemental information around, especially since Binkenstein quit and we lost his excellent Elemental Theorycrafting Think Tank piece at EJ.  The number of elementals out there who want to know how to play better but simply cannot find the information is saddening.


With that in mind, I’ve two goals for the short term:

  1. Cover more aspects of elemental play, gearing and so forth in guides or discussion pieces aimed at being a practical aid for visitors seeking such things;
  2. Keep posting “boring” stuff about mechanics which is really useful to know but somewhat hard to find out, to form a sort of small library of relevant data.

In the short term I aim to continue posting on a daily basis.  When some of those goals are complete I’ll slow down to a more sustainable level.  In between, I’d like to keep using “focus” to highlight a useful addon, site or blog on a regular basis.

Longer term, if I stick with the project and if I garner any significant readership, I’ll cover more opinion and news analysis stuff as appropriate.  Then there’s plenty to be said about 10-man raiding, feral druids, resto shamans and so on and so forth – if I can be bothered and if anyone’s actually interested.

So yeah, very pleased at how much I’ve managed to put up here and the direction the project is taking.  I’m also surprised at how many hits the site’s received so far, though a proportion of them are from Alpha Inventions which, as far as I can tell, basically generates a lot of “hits” on your site but no actual visitors.  (Try it, it’s sort of mesmerizing – you get to see scores of blogs flash past in the space of a few minutes)  Quietly letting folks know this place exists is still a priority.

I’d love to see some more comments appearing on the site, so if you are reading then please don’t be shy about commenting on posts!



2 thoughts on “Midweek Meta

  1. I’m (still) reading, but you probably already knew or expected that! I’d love to see some feral druid or more opinionated pieces, but keeping your goals in mind I think you’re doing a great job so far.

    Posted by Razz | October 20, 2009, 11:51 pm
  2. You warm the very cockles of my heart, Razz! I do plan on posting my Kitty power auras config soon as well as running a focus piece on my favourite druid blog (though it’s resto, sorry). Unfortunately I’m not nearly as knowledgeable about druids as I am about shamans, so whatever I do post will be limited to basics or opinions.

    Posted by Charles | October 21, 2009, 1:11 am

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