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Elemental basics updated, colours

I’ve gone through and cleaned up some of the formatting for the elemental primer, and added a section on Talents and Glyphs.  I think I’m fairly happy with it now, though the simplistic tone may be a bit too extreme.  EDIT: I’ve also gone and split it into sections to hopefully make it a bit more accessible.

Also, yes it’s full of random pictures and semi-random colours.  I love colours and pictures, especially colourful pictures.  Heck, just look at the banner above!  I’m also one of those people who struggles with long pages of unbroken text: I find well-used colours help me to engage better, and colourful pictures help “refresh” me as I read.  Some people probably find it off-putting, I guess?

Of course, one use of colours relating to WoW guides is to colour spells or abilities by their spellschool, or by the type of damage they cause (or the type of healing they do), or by the class they’re available to.  This helps establish connections in our minds between the word we’re seeing and pre-established concepts (like red = fire!), as well as implying what its practical meaning or outworking may be.  It also helps differentiate between different spells/concepts, especially if there are a lot of new ones to come to terms with at once.  Then there’s the basic aesthetic function of making certain types of words (spell names, in the case of my guide) stand out from other types of words, giving an extra layer of consistency in style which can help reader comprehension and – very valuably for those looking for a single piece of crucial information – aid skim-reading.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.



One thought on “Elemental basics updated, colours

  1. If you linking this blog to me is a subtle hint that I should use more colours in my boss guides, then I must say “YOU FILTH”, “well played” and “I shall think about it”.

    Black is a colour, right?

    Posted by Razz | October 16, 2009, 5:39 pm

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