Introduction: Planet of the Hats

This is a blog about shamans, raiding, and sometimes other stuff in the World of Warcraft.  It centres around my preferred spec of elemental and my preferred pastime of 10-man heroic raiding with <Fancy Hat Club> on EU-Shadowsong.

The author

The author is a late-twenties student with too much time on his hands due to illness.  I write under the various hats I wear, including:

  • Elemental Shaman DPS
  • Restoration Shaman healing
  • Raid leading
  • Guild leading
  • Socio-theological babble
  • Interested bystander and participant in the WoW community

I also like using colours and inserting random distracting pictures.


My characters

You can stalk me on the WoW armory as follows:

Chayah, elemental/resto shaman

Sihmm, feral tank/DPS druid

I have other alts, but I’d rather not expose them to the public glare.

I also keep a low profile while lurking on Wowhead and Elitist Jerks.



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